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22nd February, 2021

Sponsors of Milton Keynes Basketball Foundation will gain extended reach and valuable net benefits

Milton Keynes - a basketball destination waiting to happen. 300,000 people, an 800 seat basketball arena due in 2024, the 4,000 seat Marshall Arena already in place, the nearest BBL team sixty miles away - and probably the largest and fastest growing junior community basketball programme outside of the BBL.

MK Basketball has grown from just forty kids in a small gym back in 2018 to a programme now offering community and JNL basketball to over 350 boys and girls, with plans to expand from two to four basketball centres, 500 players and a CVL within MK itself.

Working with two local secondary schools, September 2021 will see the start of the MK Basketball Academy, as well as the first Senior Men's National League team to play in MK since the MK Lions left almost a decade ago.

"Already a great success, the club is looking for investment and committed partners to share our journey, put Milton Keynes firmly on the basketball map and work towards becoming a professional organisation that the city can be proud of".


Contact: Peter Taylor, Chairman

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