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Sponsorship Cost And Leveraging Assistant

This calculator is intended to provide a checklist of items and associated costs that may need to be budgeted for when planning and implementing sponsorship activity. We believe the list covers most (if not all) of the possible items to be considered in the planning of a campaign, though clearly each sponsorship is different and many of the items listed will not be applicable to individual campaigns.

To use the SCALA calculator, simply type in the cost of each element and when complete click the 'Total' button.

Notes: please omit the currency symbol; don't use commas when entering amounts - eg use 1234 rather than 1,234.

Sponsorship fees/rights - source properties from our opportunities databases


Sponsorship consultancies/consultants/agencies

    Sponsorship consultants   

Leveraging (click links for lists of suppliers)

1. Event management costs:

    After dinner speakers   
    Audio visual   
    Equipment hire   
    Event management/hospitality   

2. Publicity:

    Creative consultants   
    Direct marketing   
    Media buying   
    Public Relations   
    Sales Promotion   

Research (click links for lists of suppliers)

    Research and evaluation   


    Grand Total




While uksponsorship.com Ltd. has made every effort to ensure that this calculator produces accurate and reliable results, we offer it 'as is', with no warranty as to either its reliablility or accuracy and uksponsorship.com Ltd. will accept no responsibility whatsoever for any financial and/or non-financial damages or losses that may result from omissions or errors in calculations or decisions made by users on the basis of results produced by it.

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