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The Global Circumnavigation Challenge is a bid by British ocean adventurer Alan Priddy and an experienced crew of six to break the current much coveted UIM world record in the fastest and most efficient wave-piercing powerboat to circumnavigate the globe. The record is currently held by New Zealander Pete Bethune at 60 days 23 hours 49 minutes. The Global Circumnavigation Challenge team intend to cover the 24,000 miles at sea in under fifty days. This is no small task and will attract an enormous amount of media exposure, including a documentary for which filming has already started. "We are currently looking for further partners and sponsors at all levels. Links to our website and Facebook page where you can read full details of the voyage, crew, media exposure and benefits to your brand can be found below. We are always open to further suggestions and negotiation, so please feel free to ask any questions or tell us what you would need from our expedition. Sponsorship opportunities of this magnitude and quality are rare and the project involves various legacy uses which will be of further ongoing value to any partners. We look forward to hearing from you". Contact: Joe Mearns. Tel.: 07977 043336. E-mail: joe@circumnavigationrecord.com.
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November 2011
Sports International Management Ltd. is a globally recognised athlete management, sports marketing and brand management company, based in central London with over fifteen years' industry experience. The company's clients include internationally renowned athletes, sporting legends and varied global events. It is focussed on providing an excellent bespoke service for all of its clients. Contact: Roger Barnes, Director. Address: 64 Charlotte Street, London W1T 4QD. Tel.: 0207 6310 408. Fax: 0207 6310 403. E-mail: hq@s-i-m-l.com
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F1 H2O Powerboat Racing
: 'branding to a socio-economic AB global market and to network amongst its prestige clientèle'


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The UIM-sanctioned ProVee Offshore class is currently the fastest growing offshore powerboat series on the planet! Now into its third season, the prime objective of this class is to provide competitors with the excitement of racing a 1,000 HP powerboat across open water at speeds in excess of 100 mph but at an affordable sub-$150K price, at venues throughout Europe and beyond. Since 2001, the ProVee series has focused primarily upon building up a credible TV series, using former BBC Top Gear presenters Tiff Needell and Vicki Butler-Henderson to help inform the casual viewer what powerboat is all about and how one can get involved. Produced for ProVee by FMTV, the production values are high and the action shots stunning. The series is currently being shown on twelve international TV networks including Sky Sports in the UK and Motors TV across the whole of Europe. Opportunities now exist for commercial partners to become involved in a variety of ways from programme sponsorship to on-event corporate hospitality. The series has the flexiblity to match the marketing and PR requirements of any interested party and Provee Offshore can stage races more or less anywhere - providing they are near water! Full contact details are available at www.proveeoffshore.com. Contact: Chris Witty, Managing Director. Address: The Old Dairy, 17-19 Wiseton Road, London SW17 7EE. Tel.: 020 8672 1022. Fax: 020 8672 0844. E-mail: chris.witty@proveeoffshore.com.
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