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Communities in crisis need knowledge and empowerment. FilmAid provides both, to millions of people suffering the effects of war, poverty, displacement or disaster. Film screenings provide a way to reach many people at once, overcoming literacy boundaries, bringing forth information where it is needed and inspiring hope where it is lacking. Since 1999, FilmAid has worked in partnership with other global aid organizations to bring critical information to more than a million people, in places as diverse as Macedonia, Kenya, Tanzania, Afghanistan and the US Gulf Coast. FilmAid engages communities to shape the messages most needed for their survival and strength. The charity works with communities to create films and videos in their own voice, and to show these films in the most impactful and appropriate settings. FilmAid screenings range from intimate discussion of forty people to large outdoor screenings, reaching tens of thousands at one time. FilmAid UK is looking for sponsorship for fundraising events and more. Contact: Sponsorship Department. Address: Unit 5.02, Clerkenwell Workshops, 27-31 Clerkenwell Close, London. United Kingdom EC1R 0AT. Tel.: +44 (0) 203-735-5164. E-mail:
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Pocket Films Ltd. seeks a sole sponsor for the CINEMA MAP, a unique dual-format guide to cinemas in the UK and Ireland. The CINEMA MAP is both a printed reference guide and an interactive web site, providing comprehensive information on over 700 cinemas nationwide. The sponsor will get high visibility exposure on both the guide and the Pocket Films website. In addition the sponsor can control numerous aspects of the guide to best promote their brand. The website for CINEMA MAP will present a graphical overview of the location of 700+ cinemas across the UK and Ireland. Each cinema link can be clicked to provide key information on location, screens and film times. Pocket Films' cinema database is highly regarded for accuracy and is constantly updated. The printed CINEMA MAP will focus on London cinemas, which represent about a quarter of all UK cinema admissions. The guide will have a print run of 150,000 to 350,000 copies and will be custom distributed to the sponsor's target audience. The sponsor can also customise the advertising display space, the publication date and the sponsorship budget to their requirements. The pocket format of the guide means a large number of distribution options are available, from magazine inserts to venue display racks to event handouts. The CINEMA MAP sponsor will want to reach the UK's cinema audience - 162 million admissions in 2008. About 60% of the UK population said they went to the cinema about once a year, with about 18% going once a month. This huge audience demands up-to-date and concise information on UK cinemas. Pocket Films has specialised in innovative film and cinema guides since 1998 and its mission is to provide essential film information in the most elegant and convenient form possible. They have published over 30 million pocket guides to date. For additional details, contact Tony Franks by email - tony@pocketfilms.com. Contact: Tony Franks, Publisher. Address: 54 Percy Road, Isleworth TW7 7HB. E-mail:
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Digital Cinema Media's Sponsorship & Promotions team can design targeted on-screen sponsorships that allow sponsors to fully engage with the cinema audience. By targeting specific genres, seasons of films, or all film product over the short term, advertisers can run a sponsor credit outside the ad. reel and immediately before the trailers giving a brand high-impact exposure in the auditorium. Contact: The Sponsorship & Promotions Team. Address: 12 Golden Square, London W1R 3AF. Tel.: 020 7534 6363. Fax: 0207-534-6464.
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    MC/0002     PEARL & DEAN CINEMAS
Pearl & Dean represents a wide range of cinemas throughout the UK and Ireland including Showcase, Empire, Apollo, Movie House, AMC and the Omniplex sites. The company also has a portfolio of quality circuits such as Curzon, Everyman, Scott Cinemas, Northern Morris and WTW Cinemas, as well as independently operated cinemas. Address: Pearl & Dean, Corinthian House, 279 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 7RJ. Tel.: 020-7199 2400. Fax: 020-7882-1111.
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