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The FITS Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation created specifically to provide training and accreditation for technicians in educational establishments. FITS (Framework for ICT Technical Support) is a set of guidance processes designed to streamline ICT service management and delivery in schools. Evidence has shown that implementing FITS processes cuts the costs of ICT support provision, delivers a higher return on ICT investment and a positive impact on teaching and learning outcomes. FITS, originally developed by Becta, the government agency leading the national drive to ensure the effective and innovative use of technology throughout learning, is now managed and supported through The FITS Foundation. The FITS Foundation's goal is to provide a clear career path for ICT technicians in schools through their accreditations, both of which are internationally recognised qualifications and listed on the QCA register. The accreditations provide technicians with NVQ levels 4 and 5 qualifications. The FITS Foundation is now inviting sponsors to help them in their objectives of professionalising the technical workforce, providing improved returns on ICT investment and a positive impact on the teaching and learning experiences. Contact: Trevor Greenfield, Technical Director. Address: Pure Offices, Plato Close, Tachbrook Park, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV34 6WE. Tel.: 01926 800121. E-mail: trevor.greenfield@thefitsfoundation.org
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PAPER Artistic Development CIC
PAPER CIC, a not-for-profit social enterprise limited by guarantee, is based in the beating heart of Bristol's city centre. "At PAPER we use 'Professional Advice, Practical Education and Recognition' as tools to engaging people in self-development through the arts. This is why we believe that, by sharing our experiences and knowledge through skills based training, we can create opportunities for both individual and community development. In doing this we are helping people to release their potential and creating opportunities for individuals to gain an income through the arts. We are very different from a 'traditional' arts organisation as we value the fact that every person is an individual and that, when it comes to self-development, one size does not fit all. In June 2013 the number of long-term unemployed residents in Bristol was the highest it has been since 1997. Half of Bristol's JSA claimants have been unemployed for over six months and that number has been growing over the last two years. By providing skills and training for young people to enter employment or to become self employed, our project will improve the long-term job prospects of our target demographic. We currently work with the Job Centre and the Creative Employment Programme to deliver paid internships; we have committed to train over twenty-five interns from 2013-2016. In particular we work with 18-24 year olds that have been unemployed for a long period of time, to give them the confidence and necessary work experience to secure future employment in the creative sector. Our resource of city-wide training, talks, workshops and courses is open to the public. It is a user friendly online resource that helps the local community to source programs for self development. Our advice centre is open to the public and those that are not used to using computers can be shown how to use the resource and also book in for personal advice sessions if they feel they need more support and information. We rely heavily on volunteers and core funding to provide our services to the general public. We are looking for business sponsors to help us provide better equipment for our training courses and intern programs. Our city centre premises is very accessible but we also have an 'Out Reach' program to help encourage communities on the outskirts of the city or those that cannot easily access our building, to get involved in our skills programme. This building is our most expensive cost and any contribution to the maintenance and cost of running the building would be gratefully received". Contact: Simone Kidner, Managing Director. Address: 51-53 Merchant Street, Bristol BS1 3EE. Tel.: +44 7584 905546. E-mail:
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Rivers Coaching is an innovative social enterprise, passionate about education and the power it has to influence the future life chances of pupils. "Going beyond academic attainment, we believe that every child should be equipped with the skills and attitudes they need to succeed beyond the classroom. We believe that teachers hold the key to unlocking this future. Through the power of coaching we empower classroom teachers to become outstanding classroom leaders, working purposefully towards creating a lasting and meaningful impact on the attainment and holistic development of their pupils. Through our work we aim to:     Improve the educational outcomes of young people to enable them to succeed in their chosen path    Increase teacher effectiveness to ensure every child receives an outstanding education and is supported to achieve their full potential regardless of their background     Improve retention of teachers working in schools in disadvantaged communities. We are seeking to develop partnerships with London-based organisations that share our values and who have an interest in improving the lives of young people through education, specifically those based in disadvantaged communities. This is a fantastic opportunity to raise your profile within the community by part sponsoring the development of one or more teachers in return for marketing and promotional opportunities. We want our partnerships to be mutually beneficial and therefore aim to understand how we can best work together to support you to achieve the individual needs and objectives of your business. If you'd like to discuss more about what we do and how you can get involved, we'd love to hear from you. Rivers Coaching are Teach First Innovation Award Finalists 2013, supported by the Shackleton Foundation and endorsed by Mobius Executive Leadership". Contact: Raheela. E-mail:
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"Please help the Stirling School of English to continue to offer free English Language teaching". The Stirling School of English is looking for a sponsor with an interest in increasing global understanding. The school offers free English tuition to non-English speakers. It has currently more than two hundred students from over thirty countries being taught by about twenty-five qualified volunteers in thirty different classes each week. It caters for students of all ranges of proficiency in the language, beginners to advanced. These students are here either working or studying and every part of the globe is represented in the school. The school, however, does more than teach language skills. It also helps students integrate into the community and provides social activities to reduce a sense of isolation. Uniquely amongst teaching institutions, students can join at any time during the year, so they can begin to learn the language as soon as they arrive in the area. This is particularly important in helping people integrate into the community. The school also links to employers seeking to improve the language skills of their migrant workers. "Sponsorship would enable us to maintain our free service, but also expand our activities (eg extending crèche facilities to enable more working mothers to attend), improve our premises and our training of volunteers. It would also help us commission the design of teaching materials as well as purchase computer equipment to facilitate modern learning methods. Above all, it would help produce financial stability and relieve the school from reliance on a variable grant regime, as well as enabling it to develop as a social enterprise and allow it to generate income. Sponsors would be welcome to get involved as consultants to put together a professional business plan and help the school develop in creative ways and sustain its activities into the future". Contact: Lore Kelling. Address: 7a Woodside Road, Stirling FK8 1RG. Tel.: 07817749902. E-mail:
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Ever since 1999, Workmaze has been providing career services to university Business Schools both in the UK and around the world. "Workmaze was founded to help people reach their career potential. With the backing of an exceptional team, we have designed, built and delivered tools and services that give people the opportunity to fulfil their career ambitions. Workmaze publishes ten Recruitment Guides (eg the Guide to MBA Recruitment in the FTSE 100), featuring over 1,000 companies together with job opportunities for Masters and MBA students and alumni, offering sponsoring companies the opportunity to reach future 'captains of industry'. Sponsorship is sought for each of the ten Guides". Contact: Mike Elliott, Managing Director. Tel.: 08456 026066. Fax: 07053 408364. Address: 15 St James Street, Castle Hedingham, Essex CO9 3EN. E-mail:
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RedundancyServices.co.uk is an online resource to help individuals plan their next move, save money - and bounce back after redundancy. The site was launched to provide genuinely useful advice - and inspiration - to individuals affected by redundancy in the UK. "The government has done a great job giving people legally accurate (but ultimately fairly dry) information. The tone of the website is realistic, but upbeat. This is a niche audience who are being forced into making some big changes. We are looking for organisations that have a product or service that is genuinely helpful to this audience. For more information call Caroline Chicken or Greg Pendleton on 0117 907 3520". Contact: Caroline Chicken, Director. Address: 6 Crofton Avenue, Bristol BS7 0BP. Tel.: 0117 907 3520. Fax: 441179073520. E-mail:
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