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Advertisement specifications
(contact no. for queries: 01487 813255/Richard Fox)

E-mail: info@uksponsorship.com

Please ensure that you provide the following information:

  • the URL to which your advertisement should be linked;

  • a contact name/number for technical queries;

  • alt text - text to appear in place of your advertisement for old browsers or if graphics are turned off.
  • We can accept advertisements via a URL reference or via e-mail as an attachment.

    Copy dates

    Copy instructions and material are normally required five working days before the appearance of the ad.

    This period may be shorter by arrangement. In the case of advertisements where we work with you to develop more complex ads., copy date will be flexible.




    In the event of other queries, please call 01487 813255 (Richard Fox).

    To see our Terms and Conditions, click here.

    E-mail: info@uksponsorship.com


    Banner specifications

    uksponsorship.com Ltd accepts most standard banner sizes.

    Note: we reserve the right to reject banners on the grounds of file size, unacceptable copy, excessive download time, interference with the overall coding of our site (eg with alignment controls, etc.)

    Banner type             Size
    Skyscraper 120 wide by 600 high (max. 30 kbs)
    Full banner 468 wide by 60 high (max. 30 kbs)
    Half banner 234 wide by 60 high (max. 30 kbs)
    Vertical banner 120 wide by 240 high (max. 30 kbs)
    Button 1 120 wide by 90 high (max. 30 kbs)
    Button 2 120 wide by 60 high (max. 30 kbs)
    Preferred file types: GIF, GIF89A, JPEG, JAVA, HTML
    Animated banners: No restrictions on looping

    Externally-served advertisements must take no longer than 5 seconds to download.

    Where forms are included, the GET method of transmission must be used to allow for tracking.

    In the case of video banners, please provide both an object declaration for the video banner and a standard ad. banner. The serving of the video banner will be the client's responsibility

    Please remember that the maximum length for a URL is 256 characters

    • We do not accept banners (i) that require the user to have a particular plug-in, or (ii) with sound.

    • If an ad. banner sends cookies, this must not disrupt display of graphics or text, including cases in which the client browser rejects the cookie/certificate.


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