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At present, Archery Assault is based at the Marine Academy Plymouth, which is offering facilities for a single event each week. "In order for Archery Assault to achieve its potential, we would need to be capable of holding several events a week at two to three venues simultaneously. Projected demand would suggest this would be the optimal foundation for stable growth. In order to deliver the service in multiple locations, we need a reliable vehicle to transport the equipment to these sites. A second-hand panel van would meet our needs and we anticipate a suitable vehicle could be found for c.4,000 and insurance cost is estimated at 3,000. In addition, single venue hire costs 75.00 to 90.00 per event. Holding nine events each week would incur venue hire costs of 750.00 per week or 9,750.00 per quarter. A fund of 10,000.00 would therefore enable us to cater for multi-location events. However, as the events should be self-funding, we are not seeking funds for this purpose. Finally, we would be seeking finance of a further 5,000.00 to enable the purchase of additional equipment such as bows, arrows, face masks and targets, so as to meet the demand. To date, this equipment has been purchased via an Australian supplier, with items being delivered from USA, Germany and China. We are researching alternative supply arrangements - see Objectives, below. Total finance required would be 26,000.00, to get the business into a position where market penetration becomes a reality and real returns are possible. A grant of any size would help greatly but the exit routes we would propose to investors are: 1. After twelve months the business will commence repaying the loans and will complete this within a further twelve months. The total to be repaid will be the initial investment plus a margin to be negotiated; or 2. Investors will be offered shares in the company, reflecting their investment value. The company would then have the right to buy back those shares at a future date following a valuation of the company by an independent auditor". Various attractive sponsorship packages are also available, as listed below. Contact: Stephen Whitfield. Address: 6 Keppel Place, Stoke, Plymouth PL2 1AX. Tel.: 07739517327. E-mail:
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    Sponsorship opportunities

Platinum package (2,000.00)
Your logo on our website, our clothing, our banners, literature and all our social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Yahoo, Instagram and YouTube).

Gold package (800.00)
Your logo on our website, our clothing and our literature.

Silver package (500.00)
Your logo on our website and our clothing.

Bronze package (250.00)
Your logo on our website.

All logos to be provided by sponsor; digitally for all but clothing (patches with logo on will be no more than 4 inches x 6 inches at their largest dimensions).


Anyone who sponsors our company, will, in turn, improve their own image and have their awareness increased in potentially previously untapped market sectors in Plymouth and the surrounding areas, until such time as we expand beyond. They will have the opportunity to leverage their association with us to turn the relationship into big news, thus boosting their own fame and enhancing public perceptions of themselves.


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Edinburgh University Archery Club is currently the most successful archery club in Britain. In recent years, the club has often gone as far as winning both National and BUCS (formerly BUSA), Indoor and Outdoor Championship trophies. The club is seeking sponsors, offering space on its website and club shirts. Address: c/o Edinburgh University Archery Club, Edinburgh University Sports Union Office, 48 The Pleasance, EH8 9TJ. Contact via
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Tees Valley Target Sports (formerly Guisborough Gun Club) is based in the Middlesbrough area and exists to cater for its members interests' in clay pigeon, full & small bore rifle, black powder and archery. This very popular and forward-looking club is currently developing an indoor target sports facility for small bore shooting, archery, air pistol and air rifle on Teesside. The new facility will enable the club to significantly expand the scope of its operations, both for existing members and for the training of young people and the disabled from the local community. The club is seeking sponsorship for the conversion of the premises and for the purchase of equipment. More details are available on request. Contact: David Pengilley, Secretary. E-mail:
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