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Sponsorship opportunities are offered by an English-German team who are entering the 2011 Wife Carrying World Championships in Finland. "We anticipate a great deal of interest from local newspapers (Manchester Evening News and Bolton Evening News in the UK and Hamburg Abendblatt in Germany), along with national newspapers. We are promoting our entrance with Twitter as well as two short films, based on the experience, which will be published on YouTube once the competition is over. We are going there to win! This opportunity would suit any potential sponsor seeking something quirky - particularly anyone with a link to the north west of England, as that is where most of our media contacts are. Space is available on our participation T-shirts for the name and logo of a sponsor, along with special thanks in newspaper articles, on Twitter and in the published videos. The sponsorship will hopefully go some way towards covering the cost of flights and train fares to attend the event, which will take place in rural Finland. Feel free to get in touch and discuss this with us. Any sponsorship would vastly help our entrance into this event". Contact: Iain Bisset. Address: 10 Vale Street, Turton, Bolton BL7 0EB. Tel.: 07989903349. E-mail:
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June 30th, 2011

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