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How do I get my organisation listed on this site?

Details are available via this page. If your organisation is seeking sponsorship, you should have a listing in the Opportunities database, which has sections covering Arts, Education, Sport, Media and the Cause-related sector. Other categories, such as Business, Shows/Conferences/Exhibitions, Medical/Science, etc. are listed in our 'Other' section. You can go directly to more information about applying for a listing in the Opportunities database by clicking here. If you are offering services to sponsors - if, for instance, you are a sponsorship consultant, offer hospitality services, financial, photography or research services - you should have a listing in our Sponsorship Showcase, which offers information under nearly forty headings. For specific information about applying for a listing in our Sponsorship Showcase, click here.

What happens after I press the 'Submit' button?

Sending us information via one of our response forms triggers an automatic reply to the email address which you specify, and gives you information about when you can expect to see the listing on the site, etc. In the case of Gold and Platinum listings, we will normally send you an invoice which will include a tear-off section which should be returned with payment. On receipt of payment, your listing will be added to the database.

What about sending amendments, etc.?

We do not charge for amendments currently and are very pleased to receive them, within reason (daily updates not appreciated). Keeping listings up to date ensures that the site continues to be of value and interest to sponsors and other visitors.

How long do listings stay on the site?

We retain the right to remove free listings at our discretion but are unlikely to do so unless the 'Expires' date is past or there is clear evidence that the opportunity is no longer available. Gold or Platinum listings stay on the site until we receive a request to remove them or until they are self-evidently out of date and no longer refer to an available sponsorship opportunity(s). We do not charge renewal fees, though once a listing has been removed a new charge would be made for any new Gold or Platinum listing applied for by organisations who have had listings previously.

How much commission do you charge?

We don't get involved in any of the transactions. Sponsors make contact directly with the organisations and/or individuals listed. What happens then is not our concern - we don't charge commission.

Do you accept any listings?

No. We try to accommodate as many as we can, but occasionally we have to draw the line where (for instance) we think that the listing would be of interest to too few people or where the contact submitting the listing turns out not to be an employee or official representative of the organisation offering the sponsorship. We do not accept listings where there is no clear link to the UK. Listings of overseas organisations/opportunities may be included if there is a clear connection with the UK. We suggest that individuals seeking sponsorship (eg for educational courses) should use our Message Board. Boring listings - just a name, for instance, with no attempt to provide information which would be of interest to our visitors - are rarely accepted.

Will you accept the copy/text I send you as sent?

Probably not. We edit text to our house style - which often involves removing hyperboles (eg 'unique opportunity') and claims that others would find contentious, for instance. But we do try to retain the 'spirit' of the original. We are very keen to hear about opportunities which are not unique - we have yet to hear of one :-)

How many people visit the site?

For the latest information about numbers of vistors to The UK Sponsorship Database - unique users, page hits, etc. - please click here.

Any more questions? Click here for our contact details and here for our Terms & Conditions.

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