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The Global Circumnavigation Challenge is a bid by British ocean adventurer Alan Priddy and an experienced crew of six to break the current much coveted UIM world record in the fastest and most efficient wave-piercing powerboat to circumnavigate the globe. The record is currently held by New Zealander Pete Bethune at 60 days 23 hours 49 minutes. The Global Circumnavigation Challenge team intend to cover the 24,000 miles at sea in under fifty days. This is no small task and will attract an enormous amount of media exposure, including a documentary for which filming has already started. "We are currently looking for further partners and sponsors at all levels. Links to our website and Facebook page where you can read full details of the voyage, crew, media exposure and benefits to your brand can be found below. We are always open to further suggestions and negotiation, so please feel free to ask any questions or tell us what you would need from our expedition. Sponsorship opportunities of this magnitude and quality are rare and the project involves various legacy uses which will be of further ongoing value to any partners. We look forward to hearing from you". Contact: Joe Mearns. Tel.: 07977 043336. E-mail:
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The opportunity exists to sponsor record breaking disabled yachtsman Geoff Holt to become the first disabled yachtsman to sail the Atlantic Ocean single-handed. Geoff Holt has already acquired the specialist yacht, the only 60 foot wheelchair-accessible yacht in the world. Sponsorship funds are needed just to cover administrative costs. In return the yacht has two sixty foot white hulls and several thousand square metres of sail, just crying out for a sponsor's logo. Already a proven commodity, in 2007 Geoff Holt became the first disabled yachtsman to sail single handed around Great Britain. Paralysed from the chest down, he sailed his 15 foot trimaran dinghy 1,500 miles to fifty-one destinations in a Challenge that took 109 days to complete. On his return, he wrote a best-selling autobiography, Walking on Water. Now he is attempting the "big one" and with a guaranteed 30 minute documentary and a launch planned with HRH Princess Anne and Dame Ellen MacArthur, DBE, this project offers the title sponsor a unique and highly "PR friendly" marketing opportunity for a modest cost. Contact: Geoff Holt. Address: Ty Melyn, St Anne's Lane, Shedfield SO32 2HR. Tel.: 01329 835151. E-mail: geoff@geoffholt.com.
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On the 1st November 1998, at Punta Arenas in Chile, former British paratrooper Karl Bushby took the first steps on a 36,000 mile long path that will lead him home. Unassisted by any form of transport, Karl was attempting what the world told him could not be done. He began a journey that will be the longest ever continuous journey on foot, doubling any existing records. Karl believed it was possible to journey by foot from the southern most point of South America back to England and leave behind him an unbroken trail of footsteps. This incredible journey began unsupported and unfunded, simply operating on unshakeable will, faith and endurance. The story unfolds over four continents, frozen seas, deserts and mountain ranges, from the jungles to the Arctic, in an estimated fourteen year adventure like no other. Karl has completed over nine years of this marathon, covering 17,000 miles. In 2000, he crossed the guerrilla-held jungles and swamps of the Darien Gap between Colombia and Panama - a feat even the local people considered impossible for a westerner. In 2006, he created a record by crossing from Alaska to Russia by walking/swimming the semi-frozen Bering Straits. His path now lies through Asia, across Europe and back into the UK using the service tunnel of the Channel Tunnel. He will not return home until he has walked back to the UK: as such, this is a continues endeavour. Currently the Odyssey is not sponsored. For a number of years the endeavour has been without a financial sponsor or partner, resulting in difficult logistical challenges in far north east Russia, where the politics, extreme environment and remoteness have left the Odyssey in a tight spot. The Odyssey needs a partner to see this one-of-a-kind adventure push beyond the Arctic Circle, south into Asia and for the big push for home. Contact: Karl Bushby. Address: 51 St Martin Street, Hereford, Herefordshire HR2 7RD. Tel.: 01144 1432 350776. E-mail: lostkcb@yahoo.co.uk
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