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The Brain Trust, which was established by Tony Buzan, promotes research into the study of thought processes. It provides financial encouragement for mental awareness and practical cognitive activities of all kinds. The charity is seeking sponsorship for the Brain of the Year Award. This prestigious award is made to recognise superlative mental achievements and, over the years, has not only honoured some highly talented individuals but has also helped to create greater awareness of the potential for mental achievements which lies within us all. All profits from the event are applied to the Trust's charitable purposes. The Award process is structured to provide the sponsors with maximum promotional benefit. Contact: Eddie Oliver, Vice President. Address: 96 Endlebury Road, Chingford, London E4 6QQ. Tel.: 020 8529 0860. E-mail: eddie@eoliver.fsbusiness.co.uk.
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The British Psychological Society is the representative body for psychology and psychologists in the UK. It is not a trade union but is a registered charity in England and Wales (Charity Registration Number: 229642) and in Scotland (Charity Registration Number: SC039492). The Society was formed in 1901 and has more than 46,000 members. Through its Royal Charter, the Society is charged with overseeing psychology and psychologists. It has responsibility for the development, promotion and application of pure and applied psychology for the public good. The Society hosts over 100 events including conferences, lectures and workshops. Many exciting sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact: Ruth Raven, Conference & Events Manager. Address: St Andrews House, 48 Princess Road East, Leicester LE1 7DR. Tel.: 0116 252 9555. Fax: 0116 255 7123. E-mail: conferences@bps.org.uk
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Cancer Research UK is the world's leading independent organisation dedicated to cancer research. The charity has discovered new ways of beating cancer that together have saved hundreds of thousands of lives. One in three of us will get cancer at some point in our lives. Cancer Research UK's ground-breaking work, funded almost entirely by the general public, will ensure that millions more people survive. Cancer Research UK believes in collaboration. The organisation works together with brands and companies to develop integrated, imaginative partnerships that build brand awareness, drive stakeholder loyalty and deliver commercial benefits. As it is the sixteenth most loved brand in the UK and a trusted and well respected charity, a partnership with Cancer Research UK will deliver positive brand benefits and a good return on investment. Sponsorship of one of its iconic mass participation events, Race for Life and Run 10K, can offer the sponsoring company a unique way in which to reach into the heart of communities and connect with a mass audience. The charity's events team also organises a varied portfolio of glamorous events including Ronan Keating's Emeralds and Ivy Ball, a celebrity sports quiz, Sound & Vision at Abbey Road, a range of corporate and celebrity golf days and The Bobby Moore Sports Ball. These stylish and innovative events offer a platform for brands looking to reach out and engage with an affluent corporate audience. Cancer Research UK can create bespoke sponsorship offers, tailored to meet the sponsor's business need and budget. Whether the sponsor is interested in experiential activity, e-marketing, branding, sampling, networking, employee involvement or cause related marketing, Cancer Research UK is flexible in its approach. "We will work with you to create and activate a successful partnership that meets your aim". Contact: Katya Borowski, Sponsorship Manager. Address: PO Box 123, London WC2A 3PX. Tel.: 020 7438 5261. E-mail: katya.borowski@cancer.org.uk.
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The Extreme Sports Therapy Unit provides students with a way of developing their practical sports massage skills in a real working environment and it doesn't get any more real than an all-night event in bitter cold, pouring rain. As an experiential learning opportunity it is second to none, and the students benefit from being able to work as part of a team whilst improving their skill and knowledge base, thus developing their confidence and communication skills. The unit usually contains a mix of students, some of whom are qualified and working to gain further experience, whilst still at the College studying the Foundation Degree in Sport Health & Exercise, though the majority are students studying the L3 Diploma in the Prevention and Management of Sports Injuries. "We are geared up to service medium to large events and like to focus on Extreme Sports - hence our involvement with Chain Reaction Cycles and Thetford Mountain Bike Racing (Thetford MTB). We can operate up to twelve treatment tables at one time; and if required we can operate in multiple locations at the same event. The Unit is completely self-sufficient; we have a field kitchen and camping equipment and the only thing only thing we need is access to water and toilets (though a hot shower is always appreciated). We have developed considerably over the last five years and we are still looking to expand further. Whilst we have had some support from the College we are essentially self-funding - therefore any money made at events through donations is invested back into the business. With this in mind we are actively seeking sponsorship to help fund travel expenses, purchase new equipment and further improve the student learning experience. In return for sponsorship we can offer exposure at events in the UK and Europe and on our website. Rest assured that your business will be well represented as we are a very professional outfit that is serious about what we do. As we have huge exposure at events there are numerous branding opportunities on marquees, banners, flags, student shirts and our 7.5 tonne truck". Contact: Philip Sayers, Lecturer/Manager Extreme Sports Therapy Unit. Address: City College Norwich, Ipswich Road, Norwich NR2 2LJ. Tel.: 01603 773287. E-mail:
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Epilepsy Footprint is a non-profit organisation which aims to educate people everywhere about epilepsy. All its surplus funds are used in developing countries to improve people's access to support services and medical treatments for epilepsy. Too many people in these countries are dying from treatable seizures due to poverty, lack of access to medical services for epilepsy and general attitudes towards the condition. Ignorance towards epilepsy also means many people in the developing world are too scared to be diagnosed with the condition because it could potentially result in them losing their work, family or education. So by going out and speaking to people about epilepsy, Epilepsy Footprint's aim is to help people's understanding and attitudes towards the condition and remove the stigma which is holding so many people back from leading a normal life with epilepsy. The funding received from these presentations will be used in developing countries to     improve medical facilities and supplies     improve accessibility to medical and support services     provide education and skills training to people with epilepsy     improve the general understanding of epilepsy through school presentations. Epilepsy Footprint's Mission: the vision of Epilepsy Footprint is to keep improving people's understanding and handling of epilepsy in everyday life both in the UK and abroad. In many developing countries there is a negative attitude associating epilepsy with the devil and disease resulting in many people being disowned by their families, schools and employers. So going out and talking to people about the various aspects of epilepsy has been shown to bring people together rather than allowing them to remain isolated - and to improve people's confidence everywhere in handling seizures when witnessed. All this is achieved by providing training and information to those who wish to understand and learn more about epilepsy. This objective is achieved by giving various presentations regarding epilepsy in everyday life via    schools    businesses    community groups    hospitals    families    media    national and international conferences. Contact: Tanya Spensley. Address: 2 Ashbourne Court, Ashbourne Close, London N12 8SA. Tel.: 0780 880 1210. E-mail: tspensley@epilepsyfootprint.com.
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Euroscicon is a life science meetings organisation which attracts hundreds of scientists and academics (lecturers and professors) each year. The company is looking for the following    things to insert in their delegate bags (pens, notepads, etc.), at no charge    flyers or the sponsor's promotional items in their delegate bags or on their exhibition table, for a small charge    prizes and gifts for their delegates and speakers, at no charge    the sponsor's company to exhibit and/or speak at an event (this is chargeable). Sponsors can target specific events, such as Euroscicon's Women in Science meeting, or sponsor the next scheduled event. Contact: Dr Shara Cohen, Managing Director. E-mail: sharacohen@euroscicon.com
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HPTH UK is the only UK charity providing advice, information and support to people affected by Hypoparathyroidism, a rare and life threatening endocrine condition. "Hypoparathyroidism (HPTH) can affect all ages. There are several forms - people may be born with it or it may be acquired later in life but, most commonly, it is caused by surgery to the neck. This latter group go into hospital with one condition and come out with another! All forms of HPTH cause a lack of parathyroid hormone which leads to low calcium levels in the blood. Calcium is vital to life and the levels can often be very unstable, causing hypos. Unlike diabetics, and despite very similar difficulties, HPTH patients have neither replacement hormone therapy nor home testers available to help them manage their levels. The condition is not well known and is poorly understood by doctors. However, thanks to contributions from people like you, and the work we have been doing to raise awareness, understanding of HPTH is steadily improving and the new parathyroid hormone trial offers real hope for the future, though we have a long way to go yet. HPTH UK has worked entirely voluntarily since 2005 to raise awareness about this condition among the medical profession and to provide support and information to patients through our website, online forums, telephone helpline and our expert team of consultant endocrinologists around the UK. We keep going through donations and fundraising, so any support you can offer will be hugely appreciated - thank you!" Contact: Liz Glenister. Address: 6 The Meads, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 4DF. Tel.: 01342 324091 (UK); +44 1 342 324091 (outside UK). E-mail:
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The Society for Conservation Biology Marine Section will host the 3rd International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC) in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, between 14th and 18th August, 2014. The event will bring together several hundred marine conservationists from diverse disciplines for discussion, innovation and development of science-based products that inform policy change and implementation. IMCC is recognised as the most important international meeting for marine conservation. Speakers and attendees will be from agencies, NGOs, universities and other organisations around the world. Meeting sponsors can receive logos on banners, the website and PR materials, as well as exhibition booths and advertisements. Contact: Samantha Oester, IMCC3 Co-Chair & Communications Chair. E-mail:
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MedWorm is a search engine and RSS newsfeed provider based on the data collected from thousands of medical RSS newsfeeds. This free service aims to improve the dissemination of relevant medical information over the internet. The site has been developed in the UK and has a large following of UK-based supporters, although it is used by medical professionals from respected medical organisations worldwide, as well as educated members of the public looking to keep up to date with all the latest information about their own conditions. MedWorm is now looking for three lead sponsors to each contribute funding of 15,000 for further development. Contact: Frankie Dolan, CEO. Address: The Watermark Innovation Centre, Erme Court, Ivybridge, Devon PL21 0SZ. E-mail:
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Opportunities and benefits for sponsors include:

     The sponsor's logo to appear at the bottom of the home page, plus text links to appear in the footer of every page on MedWorm (there are literally thousands of pages indexed by MedWorm which will help with the sponsor's Google page rank).

     A detailed bio of the key sponsors on a dedicated MedWorm sponsorship page.

     Ten key sponsored medical topics of the sponsor's choice, with customised text links inserted into the corresponding RSS feeds for those topics, plus directly under the title of every page on MedWorm within those topics. Text links can be changed whenever required, as can the topics sponsored (so long as the new topic is not already sponsored).

     An additional one hundred randomly-selected sponsored topics, to include generic text links inserted into the corresponding RSS feeds for those topics, plus directly under the title of every page on MedWorm within those topics.

     Fifty specified search terms to also display sponsored text links at the top of search results and within the automatically generated RSS feeds.

     MedWorm to work closely with the sponsor to ensure that their company is getting maximum benefit from the use of RSS feeds, both to publish their news and research, as well in receiving data of benefit to their company.

     Sponsor's logo to appear on any of MedWorm's printed literature during the sponsored period.

     Sponsor to feature prominently in any promotional event or activity in which MedWorm participates during the period.


Osteogenic Centres UK is a small, self funded organisation which is trying to change the lives of people who suffer from Osteopoenia and Osteoporosis. Through using a bioDensity machine, sufferers of Osteopoenia and Osteoporosis can increase their bone mass making day-to-day living easier and more comfortable. bioDensity makes possible a safe, self-induced, neuro-musculoskeletal stimulus that provides loading up to multiples of body weight. Such loads are normally associated with impact loading - activities that are most useful for increasing or maintaining bone health. The stimulus also creates myofibril muscular growth for a higher power-to-weight ratio in muscular tissue, and a faster metabolism. From high-performance athletes to compromised, elderly individuals, all can greatly benefit from stronger bone tissue and increased muscular strength. The organisation would be delighted to discuss how sponsors might contribute to its further development. Contact: Gary Rhodes. Address: Osteogenic Centres, Bridgewater Place, Leeds LS11 5BZ. Tel.: 07837955979. E-mail:


Paul's Cancer Support Centre has pioneered the use of complementary therapies since 1983 to support people affected by cancer. It aligns its approach closely with the Cancer Reform Strategy 2007 which recognised the need to provide psychological support to people with cancer and with the National Cancer Survivorship Initiative which has as its overarching goal "to ensure that the physical, psychological, social, spiritual, financial and information needs of cancer survivors are met". The Centre offers a range of services from one to one counselling and support groups to the innovative Healing Journey programme which brings together some of the most effective tools and strategies for helping people deal with the experience of cancer and improve their quality of life. Cancer can be a frightening and overwhelming experience. It can often lead to feelings of powerlessness - a belief that there is little one can do to feel more in control of one's life. The Healing Journey, which is based on a programme created by Professor Alastair Cunningham in Canada, helps people feel more in control and helps them lead happier, more meaningful and more fulfilled lives by learning coping and life skills. It is being developed as a nationwide programme for the UK. Full background information can be found at www.healingjourney.org.uk. "If you would like to provide corporate support to the Centre, please get in touch for more information". Contact: Debbie Lyne. Address: Woburn House, 155 Falcon Road, London SW11 2PD. Tel.: 020 7801 2965. Fax: 0207 978 6505. E-mail: http://www.paulscancersupportcentre.org.uk/contact/fundraising.html.
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PMGroup's annual Pharmaceutical Marketing Effectiveness Awards are considered 'the one to win' by many pharma industry professionals. The PMEA scheme is unique in being the only awards initiative to recognise and reward true marketing effectiveness in the UK and European pharmaceutical industry. Rewarding teamwork, innovation and, most of all, recognising the talent that exists in organisations large and small, these Awards are highly regarded by individuals and industry alike. Sponsorship of the PMEA represents an unrivalled opportunity to raise the sponsor's profile within the thriving pharmaceutical industry and engage with important decision makers in a focused and personalised setting. It also enables the sponsor to be associated with the most authoritative healthcare marketing brand in the pharmaceutical industry. "PMGroup will work in collaboration with you to ensure that your sponsorship is aligned to your objectives and offers a platform to provide return on investment. Act now to optimise the value of your opportunity by calling Ciaran Duke". Contact: Ciaran Duke, Business Development Director. Address: Vincent House, Vincent Lane, Dorking RH4 3JD. Tel.: 01306 74077. Fax: 01306 741069. E-mail: cduke@pmlive.com
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Science Oxford is an independent charity founded in 1985 with a mission to "Encourage the pursuit of Science and Enterprise". The charity runs extensive science engagement outreach activities with schools in its region and operates a small science and discovery centre in Oxford. "We have a number of sponsorship opportunities, ranging from a major capital project to create a new planetarium and science centre on a site we have purchased for the purpose in the centre of Oxford, to sponsorship of our ongoing schools and public engagement programmes. A detailed description of our activities can be found on our website". Contact: Ian Griffin, Chief Executive. Address: 1-5 London Place, Oxford OX4 1BD. Tel.: 01865 810029. Fax: 01865 791854. E-mail:
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Following the successful use of paramotors on a major scientific expedition by the Scientific Exploration Society in the Bolivian Amazonas during 2007, it is proposed to develop the concept of using paramotors and all terrain vehicles, working together on a series of scientific projects. A small team of experts have come together to plan the ventures and they consist of the following individuals: John Blashford Snell, Scientific Exploration Society; Alex Ledger, SkySchool Flight Centre; Alan Morton, Proactive TV. The first expedition is to Botswana and the aim is to research areas of scientific interest as well as support the local community. Proactive TV have agreed to film the expeditions with the aim of placing them on either Channel 4 or the Discovery Channel. The charity Just a Drop has also agreed to support the expedition. These expeditions are clearly advantageous for either a single main sponsor or a variety of different sponsors. "We therefore propose that interested parties should contact us to discuss the options available". Contact: Alex Ledger. Address: Rams Hill Farm, Manston, Sturminster Newton, Dorset DT10 1HD. Tel.: 07747 097527. E-mail: alex@skyschooluk.com
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Description/contact info.
One of the North's leading visitor attractions, Life is an award-winning science centre which forms one element of a science village in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne. Situated in Time Square, just a minute's walk from the mainline railway station and national bus station, the centre is at the hub of the growing regeneration of this world-class destination. The Centre offers a variety of sponsorship and event opportunities including: • Open Air Ice Rink - an extremely popular feature during the winter months, the North East's largest ice rink is set in Times Square and attracts more than 60,000 visitors during a ten week run. Opportunities for a major sponsor include renaming the Ice Rink, advertising on the rink's enclosures and promotions including exclusive use of the rink for staff and/or customers  • Lifelab - a free educational resource that enables school children to enjoy national curriculum linked experiments in a state-of-the-art laboratory environment by professional science explainers  • Lectures@Life series - a popular programme of annual talks delivered by leading scientists, writers and broadcasters from all over the world Exhibition programme. Life is one of the few venues to host an annual programme of large-scale international touring exhibitions which attract many thousands during their run  • Newcastle Science Festival - Life is a major partner of the festival which takes place every March in conjunction with National Science Week. Partners across the City including museums and art galleries, theatres, the universities and national organisations such as the Open University and the RSPB. The festival includes lectures, debates, exhibitions and hands-on family activities and aims to play a key role in inspiring and communicating a greater understanding of science. Benefits of sponsorship include branding opportunities, integrated press and marketing campaigns, corporate hospitality deals, staff and consumer incentive schemes and sales promotions. Contacts: Julia Hankin, Head of Marketing and Communications or Nicola McIntosh, Communications Manager. Address: Centre for Life, Times Square, Newcastle NE1 4EP. Tel.: 0191 243 8267. Fax: 0191 243 8201. E-mails: julia.hankin@life.org.uk and nicola.mcintosh@life.org.uk.
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The John Innes Centre is Europe's leading plant and microbial research centre and often hosts international science conferences. It has its own weekly seminar programme, which attracts prestiguous speakers. Sponsorship opportunities exist at conferences and seminars, starting at £250.00 to reach an audience of over 1,000 working within the Norwich Research Park. Contact: Dr. Dee Rawsthorne. Address: John Innes Centre, Norwich Research Park, Colney NR4 7UH. Tel.: 01603-450521. Fax: 01603-450025. E-mail: dee.rawsthorne@bbsrc.ac.uk.
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Odyssey is an organisation which enhances the quality of life for people with cancer through programmes of adventure, based mainly in the outdoors. Using the stimulation of uncertainty and surprise, Odyssey takes participants on a five day journey aimed at combating the psychological and emotional devastation caused by their illness. By supporting people to overcome appropriate challenges (some physical, others creative or artistic), Odyssey helps people rebuild their confidence and regain their zest for life. Odyssey was founded in 1994 by consultant oncologist Dr. Howard Smedley, who saw a gap in the provision of support at the point where people are leaving treatment. Since then Odyssey has consistently tried to run a minimum of three courses a year in Kent and, more recently, to run courses in Wales, the West Midlands and Scotland. With skills and knowledge acquired over seventeen years, Odyssey believes its body of experience to be unrivalled. The increasing success of cancer treatments has meant that many people are surviving cancer and returning to normal life, often after a prolonged interlude of treatment. Others are terminally ill, but not physically incapacitated; and a third group comprises those who have to live through a long period of uncertainty before knowing the outcome. A fundamental need for all three groups is to maximise the quality of their lives. Many forms of support are offered through treatment centres, but typically they are introspective in approach. Odyssey is about active engagement and frequently provides the stimulus and confidence that people need to re-engage with life. For example, it's not uncommon, following an Odyssey course, for people to return to work after a long period away or to take up a new pastime. For others it helps them find positivity, enjoyment and peace during the closing part of their lives. Contact: Hugo Iffla. Address: Suilven, Marconi Lane, Tywyn LL36 9HN. Tel.: 01654 710225. E-mail:
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Winner of the Design Week Award for best Museum/Galleries/Visitor attraction for the Energy Gallery, the Science Museum receives 2.5 million visitors per annum, 1.3 million of whom are in family groups. It also attracts 320,000 children in pre-booked school groups (more than any other comparable attraction). The Museum's website receives 6.5 million visitors annually and this figure continues to grow. "Please contact us if you would like more information or a chat about the potential opportunities we can offer". Contact: Marianne Rance. Address: Science Museum, Exhibition Road, London SW7. Tel.: 020 7942 4330. E-mail: marianne.rance@sciencemuseum.org.uk
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Current opportunities

     The Dana Centre - The UK's leading centre for adult scientific events and debate

     The new Computing Gallery - an interactive history of computing technology and culture

     Who Am I? Gallery update - an interactive and object-based exhibition tackling biomedicine

     Digital Culture - an exciting new gallery exploring digital media art and technologies

     IMAX Cinema Venue - experience state of the art technology first-hand

     Climate Change - an eye-opening exhibition highlighting the growing impact of global warming around the world.

     Antenna - exhibition keeping pace with the ever-changing world of science

     Science Nights - an all-night extravaganza with a scientific twist

     Corporate Membership - enjoy the benefits of exclusive tours and events



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