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Predator Athletics is a Bristol-based cheerleading team who have just started this new season. "We used to go by another name but due to handing down the team and the changing of directors the name has been changed and we have lost all equipment and funds under the other name. We are now looking for sponsors to help us buy uniforms and new equipment so we can begin fundraising for a new gym where we can get more hours to hold a special needs class, and pre-school and recreational classes. Currently we have five competitive teams ranging from the age groups 5 to adult and the skill level one to four. Recently we have lost some athletes due to financial struggles as they have to buy new uniforms and merchandise. Sponsorship money would go to helping athletes buy uniforms so they can continue doing what they love, and helping buy new equipment to help the athletes develop their skills. Any sponsorship or donations would be greatly appreciated". Contact: Jessica Stockwell. Address: 38 Burley Crest, Downend, Bristol BS16 5PW. E-mail:
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