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Category: ARTS

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Ref. no.
Description/contact info.
The Arches Project which is based in Digbeth, Birmingham and is in its infancy, operates a gallery providing a platform for innovative artists in all disciplines. "Our gallery space will be given to a group of artists so that they are free to engage with the space without the pressure of commercial gain, which can sometimes restrict the work of the artist. The exhibitions will range from solo shows to a group of live art performances and screens. The ethos of the project is dedicated to supporting artists in realising their visions and their dreams, so we are seeking sponsorship from your company. There are a number of sponsorship opportunities, which will be focused on one of the several exhibition events. Continued support from individuals and companies is crucial to the continued growth of the studio. To keep moving forward and be able to commission its own exhibitions, the studio urgently needs sponsorship. Supporting the mission will be of benefit to those companies wishing to advance. We believe that by bringing the community together to celebrate diversity through the arts there will be better understanding between groups of people living in the community. Please contact us for further details". Contact: Evette Edmeade. Address: Adderley Street, Digbeth, Birmingham B9 4EE. Tel.: 0121 772 0852. E-mail:
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    Invitation to private viewing events.
    Supporting a project with artists' initiative that will provide spaces for UK and international artists to exhibit their work.
    Advertising on all printed literature, social media platforms and promotional material.



Bankside Gallery is the gallery of the Royal Watercolour Society (RWS) and the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (RE). The elected members of RE are considered printmakers of the highest standard. The gallery runs changing exhibitions of original prints of diverse techniques and printmakers, focusing on the Fellows of the society. The society's activities include education events which achieve healthy visitor numbers and sales. Prints have an appeal to a broad cross-section of the art buying public. "We recognise that every company is different and we would like to create a bespoke relationship with your business. You might like to sponsor an exhibition or maybe hold a regular corporate event at the Gallery. You may prefer to fund a painting workshop for a Southwark school, or maybe you would simply like to offer a prize to an up and coming artist at a Royal Society exhibition. Whatever your preference we would be delighted to forge a mutually beneficial partnership with you". Contact: Angela Parker, Director. Address: 48 Hopton Street, London SE1 9JH. Tel.: 0207 928 7521. E-mail:
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Arts Students' Union represents the 20,000+ students of the University of the Arts London's six colleges. "We aim to help students embrace different experiences as they develop their creative practice through study. Arts SU is independent from the University, which means that we are always on the side of students. Made in Arts London (MiAL) is a not-for-profit enterprise run by Arts SU, promoting and selling art and design by students and recent graduates. We support our artists in their personal and professional development to break into the creative market. MiAL curates annual exhibitions, which explore relevant themes affecting artists as they progress from student to professional. How will 'Brexit' and the introduction of borders affect emerging artists in the UK and beyond? Through a week-long exhibition of students' work and an inspiring programme of professional-development workshops, Borderless addresses the new socio-economic obstacles facing British and international students and discusses how contribution from creatives across the world is vital to our multicultural society. Approximately twenty selected MiAL artists will exhibit their work, which we invite the public to view and purchase should they wish. As a not-for-profit, all profit goes straight to our student artists, ensuring they are valued for their time and talent. We have a number of sponsorship opportunities available and are seeking the perfect organisations to creatively collaborate with, in turn benefiting Borderless, our student membership and your brand's visibility and status. Please get in touch for an informal chat about your marketing objectives and how your financial support will make a difference to the next generation of artists". Contact: Jess Forsyth. Tel.: 0207 514 6270. E-mail:
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Benefits include:

    Substantial brand exposure to our 20,000+ creative students (digital, physical, social)
    Goodwill transfer: support prestigious artists in realising their potential
    Bespoke advertising campaign through Arts SU marketing channels



CULTURE COMPASS (formerly OPEN magazine)
Culture Compass (formerly Open magazine) offers a cutting edge combination of the high arts and popular culture. The ethos of the mag. is to present the arts as stylish, relevant, accessible and exciting. Its readership is bright, savvy and curious: interested in discovering new experiences; widening their knowledge. They may already be involved with the arts either as practitioners or enthusiasts. But, equally, the magazine appeals to those who may know nothing about art, or theatre or modern dance but simply be curious. The magazine is never preachy or judgemental: it's fun, glossy and looks at the emerging zeitgeist with humour and irreverence. It looks at the classics with fresh eyes and champions emerging talent. Features are written by journalists and experts in their field ... often by arts practitioners themselves. Editor-in-Chief Loma-Ann Bonner is a former staff journalist on various nationals and has recently been elected as a Fellow of the RSA for her work on the publication. Details of sponsorship opportunities are available on request. Contact: Loma-Ann Bonner, Editor-in-Chief. Address: London-based. Tel.: 07946 476183. E-mail:
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The Guild of Erotic Artists is a non-profit organisation, supported by annual fees from its members. The artists who support its efforts dedicate themselves both financially and as volunteers enabling the Guild to present an impressive number of activities on a limited budget. The work represented ranges from unknown artists to classic images by Paul John Ballard, Ray Leaning, Ken Clarke and others. The Guild's success has exceeded expectations in providing a place to expand the commercial value and exposure of erotic art. It hosts social events throughout the year to raise funds and to provide a sense of community for supporters of erotic art. An example is the monthly Erotic Event Days, which promote and exhibit erotic art in a very popular party setting and encourage members of the public to join in and try their hand at artwork themselves. This raises funds to support the Guild's activities at the same time. The Guild also promotes itself at such exhibitions as Erotica, Erotique, Skin Two, as well as at private exhibitions around the country. Continued support from individuals and companies is crucial to the Guild's survival and continued growth. Visible community support will greatly aid its members in attracting corporate support. Every pound contributed and new membership will ensure the future protection of the right to exhibit and view whatever art one chooses. To keep moving forward and to be able to commission its own exhibitions, some of which will tour nationally and internationally, the Studio urgently needs sponsorship. Supporting its mission will be of benefit to those companies wishing to look to the future. Contact: Colin Ballard, Managing Director. Address: 11a The Walk, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire EN6 1QL. Tel.: 01707 663510 (if no answer, phone mobile 07885 803422). E-mail:
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Handmade in Britain is regarded by exhibitors and visitors as one of the leading organisers of contemporary craft and art fairs in the UK. With annual visitor figures exceeding 15,000+, Handmade in Britain events are an essential highlight of the UK's craft portfolio for designer-makers, collectors, industry professionals and design enthusiasts. Established in 2007, Handmade in Britain has provided a platform of support and promotion for art and craft talent through fairs, events alongside workshops and business mentoring for over a decade. In 2015, after the successful launch of the international contemporary craft event Handmade at Kew, Handmade in Britain is excited to collaborate once again with Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew to present a brand new outdoor sculpture trail, Sculpt at Kew. Bringing together the beautiful natural surroundings of the iconic Kew Gardens with stunning, man-made creations, Sculpt at Kew provides the opportunity for artists to show and sell their work whilst allowing the public to enjoy both the sculptures for sale and the gardens themselves. "Handmade in Britain is an ambitious and ever-expanding brand. We are continuously researching and developing fresh opportunities in the creative industry. With a passion for handmade, we seek new ways to promote the work of talented makers, designers and craftspeople and reach new audiences. We promote quality and skill, supporting worthy and lasting practices and these values are echoed in the way we work. We work with arts organisations to raise the profile of British designers through our shows and we are increasingly conscious of the opportunities we can offer to companies interested in supporting the British design industry, and in reaching its affluent, fashionable and discerning audience. We invite you to support the launch of this brand new sculpture exhibition, and in turn support contemporary artists and sculptors working in the UK today. We have a number of sponsorship opportunities available and are seeking like-minded organisations to creatively collaborate with, in turn benefiting Sculpt at Kew and your brand's visibility and status. Please get in touch for an informal chat about your marketing objectives and how your financial support will make a difference to the cultural landscape of the UK through the introduction of this new exhibition". Contact: Piyush Sun. Address: Studio 31, 21 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0DX. Tel.: 0203 105 1682. E-mails:
piyush@handmadeinbritain.co.uk and info@handmadeinbritain.co.uk
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    Bespoke advertising campaign.
    Substantial brand exposure to over 100,000+ visitors during five week exhibition.
    Support and champion contemporary British and internationally renowned artists and talented craftspeople.
    Align your company with our industry values - quality, sustainability, tradition, heritage and conscious consumption.
    Raise brand awareness and associate your company with quality contemporary art and craftsmanship of the highest level.
    Build a mutually beneficial and bespoke partnership with Handmade in Britain that addresses your interests and objectives.
    Take full advantage of an iconic world heritage site in London, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.


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9th September, 2017
Lee Hadwin from north Wales has been described by the Edinburgh Sleep Clinic as unique. With no training, no talent and no inclination in waking life to be an artist, Lee draws and sketches portraits, figures and landscapes in his sleep. Sleep-drawing since the age of four, it wasn't until he was sixteen and staying over at a friend's house that his nocturnal talents as an artist began to emerge. He recalls: "The next morning my friend's mother found drawings all over the walls in the kitchen, but we had been drinking that night so we put it down to that". In his late 'teens and early 'twenties, whilst still living at home, Lee began to draw or scribble on walls, tables, clothes, discarded newspapers - with pens, crayons and coal - anything he could get his hands on. Now, he is prepared and has his sketch books and materials scattered around his flat, which he shares with his partner Clint. Even he admits, at the start, his work wasn't much to look at; but as the years have passed, the drawings have become more detailed, more profound. Today, with interest from galleries around the world, Lee has discovered a global demand for his work. "People ask me all the time", he says, "what it is like; but I can't really answer that because I don't feel it's my work as I don't recall doing it in the first place. You should see my reports from school: I was appalling at art and couldn't draw at all". Lee has had a regular supply of offers from TV, radio and magazines as well as some bizzare ideas from different companies around the world. He is now looking for a major sponsor who can help to exploit his talents to the full, for mutual benefit. "We have many ideas to share". Contact: Lee Hadwin. Address: for all enquiries please contact Rise Gallery -
rise-gallery.co.uk Tel.: +44 (0)208 681 1279. E-mail: leehadwin@hotmail.com
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With its 2,000-year history, the Lantern Festival from the Far East made its debut in London between 3rd February and 6th March, 2016. This first Magical Lantern Festival was held at Chiswick House & Gardens and attracted over 110,000 ticketed visitors and more than 150 major media organisations. These included the BBC, ITV, ABC News, Reuters TV, TRT, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times, Evening Standard, Metro, Time Out, Buzzfeed, etc. The festival has generated over £5 million in media value and achieved over 150 million views on air, online and offline. "This year, the Magical Lantern Festival will expand its scale to other parts of the UK. Apart from London's Chiswick House & Gardens, Birmingham Botanical Garden, Leeds Roundhay Park and Glasgow (venue TBC) will also stage the festival. We are expecting 300,000 ticketed attendees throughout the country this winter. We welcome more companies and organisations to join us to take advantage of these fantastic opportunities. You can choose either to sponsor four festivals or just join us on one site. Choosing the former, you would get a total 15% discount. Please click on the download button below for a sponsorship pack". Contact: Ian Xiang. Tel.: 02071015450. Address: Weli Creative Ltd, 10-16 Tiller Road, London E14 8PX. E-mail:
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Key sponsor benefits

     £6.5 million media value
     182 million audience reach
     300,000 ticketed attendees
     Four sites in UK: London, Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow (TBC)


Download more info.!   Click button to download more information about sponsorship opportunities offered by the Magical Lantern Festival (pdf format)


Michael tries to make his art as original as possible - and views the work as an extension of himself. "Welcome to Povera - recycling waste materials into art form. My work involves the use of many materials ranging from broken glass, wood and sash cord, basically anything that I can recycle. I have been working in construction for over thirty years where I collect materials left over from various trades. One of my favourite sources for obtaining materials are the skips on site. I can be spotted most days on the underground stations with salvage materials for my next project". Michael welcomes any ideas to tailor a sponsorship package that best suits you. Contact: Carl Simpson. Tel.: 07950790608. E-mail:
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The world's only museum dedicated to bad art will present 'art too bad to be ignored' in the UK, in Spring 2018. The world-famous Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA) will debut in Europe in Spring 2018, displaying best-loved pieces and some new acquisitions from UK. MOBA began near Boston when Lucy in the Field with Flowers was rescued from the trash. "Lucy became the founding piece. MOBA celebrates sincere art that has gone awry. Even skilled artists can make bad decisions or have trouble with execution. MOBA exhibits in their gallery in Somerville, Massachusetts. MOBA celebrates the artist's right to fail and demonstrates a real appreciation for these efforts. You can sample MOBA's art here - Open Gallery:
https://museum-of-bad-art.culturalspot.org/home. Be the hero who brings MOBA to the UK. With 50K Facebook fans and thousands of MOBA aficionados around the world, this exhibition will bring international attention to your brand". Contact: Lisa Devaney, Friend and Representative of MOBA in the UK. Tel.: 07711238173. E-mail: lisa@haimediagroup.com



MOBA will come to London in partnership with Creative Debuts as the host, The Black and White Building in London's Shoreditch as the venue, and the exhibition will be free to attend
MOBA will open the 4-week exhibition on a First Thursday evening, attracting a crowd of up to 300 to celebrate
Early press previews and interviews will be held with MOBA's knowledgeable CEO and curator
During the exhibition, workshops and art talks will attract large audiences
The exhibition will be widely shared on social media and will receive top tier media coverage in London. Already a darling of the press, MOBA has been featured widely in the US and Canada, and Taiwan

About MOBA

"The Museum Of Bad Art Has Been Celebrating Failure Since 1994", Vice
"Most of us are familiar with artworks, proudly presented, which look like they've been produced by a four-year-old at playgroup. But now rather than simply congratulating your friend/relative on their talentlessness you can suggest they make a contribution to Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA), an institution that only takes art so bad it can't be ignored", The Independent
"Founded in 1994, the volunteer-run museum has since received attention from around the world, and critics from the New York Times to Harvard scholars have expounded on its influence. MOBA has even released two books", Today.com


"Through sponsorship opportunities, we are looking to raise additional funds to equip our new performing arts and creative media spaces with equipment and systems of industry and professional standards - this will ensure our learners have the best possible chance of filling ever-growing employer skills gaps. For example, in addition to enhancing the learning environment for students undertaking our established range of performing arts courses, this equipment would enable us to widen our curriculum to offer courses which focus on 'back stage' and associated technical roles. Since Sheffield has the largest theatre complex in the country outside of London, this would help us to fill a growing, regional and national skills gap. We are training the next generation of talent in sectors identified for growth and working with employers to offer great careers opportunities to our students". Contact: James Smythe, Deputy Principal. Address: The Sheffield College, Livesey Street, Sheffield S6 2RT. Tel.: 0114 2602600. E-mail:
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Key facts

    The upgrade includes launching new courses linked to areas of growth for the regional economy, building on more input from employers. The curriculum is already changing to reflect this.
    The performing arts curriculum is being developed further with Sheffield Theatres to include new courses in technical theatre. The media curriculum now offers new apprenticeships in media production, journalism and social media.
    There are plans for enhancing the music curriculum with input from a major music promoter, the launch of a record label and digitally streamed output.
    Hillsborough College works with employers such as Sheffield City Council delivering apprenticeships and diplomas.
    Hillsborough College currently offers academic and vocational courses up to degree level to around 7,770 young people and adults a year.
    Qualifications offered include apprenticeships, diplomas, and higher education degrees enabling students to gain a job and advance their career prospects.

Equipment needed to be able to offer the best facilities includes

    Theatre sound and lighting
    Musical instruments and technology
    TV and Radio technology
    Games development technology
    Computing hardware & Software

Facilities that require investment include

    Performance Theatre
    Drama Studios
    Dance Studios
    Music Labs & Practice rooms
    Recording studio
    Radio, TV & Film Studios
    Edit suites
    Photography studios & dry processing
    Games development and IT suites


Vibrant, award-winning music collective Soundcastle is a not-for-profit social enterprise which seeks to promote a love of music, art and local heritage throughout Bloomsbury.      Mission Statement: Soundcastle is a pioneering arts collective which creates original music through a diverse range of collaborations. "Our artistic ethos is to engage first and foremost with the people and the place with which we are working. Our mission is to explore exciting and inspiring approaches to music making; promote music as an individual and collective voice; make links within and between communities".      Professional Testimonial: 'Soundcastle are an exciting, high quality, innovative ensemble established by musicians on the Guildhall Masters Leadership Programme. The ensemble consists of four excellent portfolio musicians who have much to offer society at large as performers, creative collaborators, leaders and teachers. The collective artistic and educational experience of these individuals will make Soundcastle more than the sum of its parts and bring new and extraordinary experiences to a wide range of people in a variety of contexts', Sean Gregory, Director of Creative Learning, Barbican/Guildhall. Let's celebrate local heritage through music, song and dance". Contact: Rachael Perrin. Address: 18 Sundorne Road, Greenwich SE7 7PP. Tel.: 447525059570. E-mail:
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Ref. no.
Description/contact info.
Important collections and changing series of exhibitions - on the edge of the Lake District. "Since 1957 we have been creating opportunities for inspiration, understanding and enjoyment through the work of artists and the collections and buildings. The exhibition programme at Abbot Hall Art Gallery, and Blackwell, The Arts & Crafts House celebrates art of the highest quality, bringing the work of national and international artists to Cumbria. Running alongside our exhibitions is an exciting programme of activities including lectures, films, talks and creative workshops". Address: Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal, Cumbria LA9 5AL. Tel.: 01539-722464. Fax: 01539-722494. Contact - see
link to website


     AA/002     THE ART HOUSE
The Art House is dedicated to creating equality of opportunity for disabled people within the visual arts. It is as an inclusive organisation, working with both disabled and non-disabled artists. The range of sponsorship opportunities available includes ongoing support for specific projects and exhibitions. The Art House Workspace is situated in Wakefield, with accessible and supported studios, accommodation and workspace for visiting artists, printmaking studio, Foyer Gallery, offices and meeting rooms. Contact: Liz Whitehouse, Director. Address: The Art House, Drury Lane, Wakefield WF1 2TE. Tel: 01924 377740. E-mail:
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Beaconsfield Contemporary Art offers a space for artists and audiences to experience high quality ('beacon'), challenging, new artworks in a wide range ('field') of contemporary visual art media through commissions, group exhibitions, performances, publications and events. Beaconsfield is looking to establish lasting corporate partnerships as it enters a new, independent phase in its twenty-year history. "In order to stay active and open and to continuously expand the critical context within which art is interpreted, we believe we can offer a variety of privileges for companies seeking to align their brand with an established and reputable arts organisation with exposure to a broad, artistically-engaged audience. Visitors on our street are estimated in the region of 300,000 per annum from October 2015, when Damien Hirst will open his Newport Street Gallery just a stone's throw away". Contact: Gabriela Cala-Lesina, Projects and Development Manager. Address: Beaconsfield, 22 Newport Street, Vauxhall, London, SE11 6AY. Tel.: (44) 0 207 582 6465. E-mail:
link to website

Branding Privileges

Exposure to Beaconsfield's audience of 293,010 people predicted for 2015 through on-site and online visits, and in published form.

    Recognition via the Beaconsfield website.
    Recognition on the supporters' wall within Beaconsfield if the value of your support exceeds £10,000 per annum.
    Recognition on relevant invitations, flyers and brochures distributed via email and/or hard copy to over 4,000 patrons and potential patrons.
    Invitations to exclusive events at Beaconsfield and access to the most exciting art network south of the river.
    The opportunity to host events at Beaconsfield at a discounted rate and work with the Founding Artist Directors on relevant projects.



The Ben Uri Gallery, the London Jewish museum of art, boasts an important collection of over two hundred British and European artists reflecting close to 1,000 works of art across all mediums. The society aims to develop its wide range of cultural activities and to establish a permanent home for the collection. A number of sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact: David Glasser, Chairman. Address: 108a Boundary Road, St. Johns Wood, London NW8 0RH. E-mail: benuri@art.org
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An exciting opportunity has arisen to create a new art gallery for the British School at Rome. Space for this has been released as a result of the major new expansion currently taking place in the form of a new Lecture Theatre and Library Extension, thanks to the generosity of, among others, the Lindbury Trust (Lord and Lady Sainsbury of Preston Candover) and the Packard Humanities Institute. The BSR is splendidly situated in the Villa Borghese Gardens alongside the National Gallery of Modern Art, which is itself building a new gallery, sensitively designed by Diener & Diener, that will face the School. The prestigious gallery programme has invited artists such as Rachel Whiteread, Mona Hatoum, Bridget Riley, Adam Chodsko and Richard Billingham. Group shows like London Calling or Sweetie have drawn attention to significant movements in British art, say the organisers, while the Viva Roma series of commissions has invited site-specific works inspired by aspects of the life of Rome by Ceith Wyn Evans, Mark Wallinger and Yinka Shonibare. The quality of these and other events obliges the School to improve its facilities to a standard necessary to show their works to the best advantage - sponsorship support is sought.. Contact: Cristiana Perrella, Gallery Curator. Address: Via Gramsci 61, Rome, Italy 00197. Tel. no.: +39 06 32649385. Fax: +39 06 3221201. E-mail: c.perrella@bsrome.it
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The Campaign for Drawing has shown that drawing encourages creativity, improves communication and changes perception. Drawing - its influence and products - surrounds us every day. The design of your chair, the cartoon in your daily newspaper, a child's image of home, all start with someone making marks, all start with drawing. The Campaign for Drawing aims to get everyone drawing because it is such a powerful tool for learning, invention, and social and cultural engagement. "We believe that drawing helps people to see. We pursue our aims through three main programmes: The Big Draw - our major annual celebration throughout October, involving over 1,500 large-scale participatory events in leading cultural venues across the UK and internationally, launched at a high-profile national event; The Big Draw Awards - prestigious annual awards presented to artists, teachers and cultural educators who use the power of drawing to support learning, connect communities and engage new audiences with their natural or built heritage; and Power Drawing - the professional development programme that underpins the Campaign's work, supporting teachers, educators and others through courses, publications and website resources". Contact: Anna Simson. Tel.: 020 8351 1719. E-mail:
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This annual exhibition and sale of original work has, for well over forty years, provided a platform for hundreds of skilled artists, jewellers and craftspeople. The exhibition takes place in Edinburgh, over five days each November, and features over 1,300 original paintings, an ever-expanding range of jewellery to suit all tastes and a selection of beautiful handmade crafts. Each year, the aim remains the same: to raise many thousands of pounds to help fund the invaluable work of Cancer Research UK in the search for successful treatments for cancer that touches almost every family in the land. "The continued success of this exhibition would not be possible without the time and effort so freely given by the artists, volunteers and supporters. Each year an army of volunteers give their time to make it a smooth-running operation. Sponsorship is also vital to help cover the costs of running the exhibition and maximise the amount given to Cancer Research UK. In recent years we have been fortunate to have a major sponsor who has been willing to donate about £5,000 a year. We are now looking for new donors or sponsors and, in these difficult times, we would be happy with smaller amounts from several sources. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, no matter how small the donation, please contact us". Contact e-mail:
link to website

Benefits associated with becoming a sponsor

     Sponsors listed in catalogue and website
     Sponsors' logos will feature in all publicity documents including catalogue, advertising in magazines and newspapers and on the website
     Invitation to a private showing not open to the general public


Vidlamode, in association with MIND, is presenting a two-day charity exhibition featuring seven artists showcasing 5-7 pieces of their work to create awareness of the cause through art. Vidlamode is a broadcasting and media production company established in 2013, and strategically located in the heart of Greater London, UK. "We are pleased to send this request in support of our forthcoming event, titled Consternation. Our specialities include film-making, photography, art history and cinema. Our mission is to deliver cutting-edge contents in art, cinema and fashion. Vidlamode creates and broadcasts highly compelling media content. Our YouTube channel showcases some of our creative works from fantasy tales such as Garden of Atlantis; an interview segment entitled The Exceptionals: 'A Gallerist', 'A Designer', 'A Witches Brew'; and many more. As part of a milestone reached, we were nominated Best Director at the 2016 Ouchy Film Award, Switzerland and 'Best Costume & Makeup' category. Giving back is essential. Through charitable work, we can add meaning or support to people in need. At this period, we have challenged ourselves to extend support to people suffering from various mental illnesses and to raise further awareness. Amongst people around us, one out of ten has experienced mental stress or disorder problems. They need support and counselling and deserve quality health services - and raising awareness will go a long way to save many lives. To strengthen the tradition of excellence and demonstrate a commitment to humanity, Vidlamode, in conjunction with MIND (www.mind.org.uk), is organising a charity art exhibition - Consternation, a two-day exhibition to feature seven top artists with a unique point of view, creating septenary pieces of their individual work. We are in need of funds for hosting (rent of space, foods and drinks and, most importantly, the printing of pictures and framing of artworks), with proceeds from this event donated to MIND". Contact: Nedu Kay, Creative Director/Curator. Address: 1 Bishop Lodge, Alfriston Close, Surbiton, Greater London KT5 8QQ. Tel.: 02037303840. E-mail:
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April 15th, 2018
    AA/009     CORNERHOUSE
Opened in 1985 and located in the heart of Manchester, Cornerhouse is an international centre for contemporary visual arts and film. The centre features three floors of contemporary art galleries, three cinema screens, a bar, a café and a bookshop. Cornerhouse boasts a reputation for excellence and innovation in its field, attracting a footfall of over 450,000 per annum. A number of sponsorship opportunities are available currently. Full details are available on request. Contact: John Dennis, Development Officer. Address: Tony Wilson Place, Manchester M15 4FN. Tel.: 0161 228 7621. E-mail: info@homemcr.org
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One of the premier art historical institutes in the world - an integral part of the University of London. Sponsorship of exhibitions offers an invaluable tool for exclusive private business entertaining through private opening receptions, exclusive seated dinners and curator tours, as well as headline branding. Contact: Develpment Office team - see courtauld.ac.uk/support/team. Address: Development Office, The Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House, Strand, London WC2R 0RN. Tel.: 020 3751 0535. E-mail: development@courtauld.ac.uk
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Devon Artist Network runs a well-established annual Open Studios event for artists living and working in Devon. To accompany this a catalogue of entries is produced, with year-long relevance. "We are seeking sponsorship to enable us to continue to charge artists at an affordable rate for taking part in Open Studios and to cover administrative costs of what is a largely volunteer-run organisation. Devon Artist Network has an active and lively website which is updated with member events on a regular basis. It has just launched a "Friends of DAN" at an annual subscription of £10.00. It has a loyal following of people who attend Open Studios every year and even travel to Devon especially for the event. Potential sponsors would be sure of the goodwill of the public". Contact: via
www.devonartistnetwork.co.uk/ContactForm. Address: Hannaford Old House, Poundsgate, Newton Abbot TQ13 7NX. Tel.: 01364 631287
link to website


Dulwich Picture Gallery, the world's first purpose-built public art gallery, was established more than two hundred years ago because its founders believed as many people as possible should see great paintings. "Today we believe the same. We house a world-class collection of Old Master paintings in Sir John Soane's unique building, allowing visitors to experience exceptional art in an intimate, welcoming setting. We remain relevant by uniting our history with our present using innovative exhibitions, scholarship and pioneering education to change lives. The Gallery is a registered charity which receives no regular government funding. We rely on generous donations from individuals, trusts and foundations, and corporations. For further information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact development@dulwichpicturegallery.org.uk or call 020 8299 8728". Contact: Development. Address: Dulwich Picture Gallery, Gallery Road, London SE21 7AD. Tel.: 020-8299-8728. Fax: 020-8299-8700. E-mail:
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Elaine Robinson's art explores connection, ancestry, nature, time and space. Born in the north of England in Barrow-in-furness, she gained an art/music (Hons) degree from the University of Leeds. Elaine worked in business and social work before becoming a professional artist. She has developed an approach to art and expression which works instinctively in the 'moving moment'. Constantly exploring aspects of time in relation to the person, many of the paintings have a message on the back which is only written at the moment ownership is taken for the painting. The paintings are bespoke with no prints made. Each of the paintings forms part of a complete and emerging element of time. The series of works are called "have", "been", "done" and "before", and although painted at a very different moving moment of time the power of the words together suggests very clearly something which has passed. However, as individual words they are relevant to the work, its owner and artist. Installation and sculpture work has become an expression arena where Elaine is able to explore more fully aspects of nature, history and symbolism which have, over time, become less familiar to us as an accepted alternative reality state. "Turning 'ages" is both an installation and sculpture which is presently doing a national city library tour around the UK. Writing groups have been inspired by the work and information regarding the tour and a running blog can be seen in the menu bar. Presently working on two new installation works for the public arena, Elaine is now seeking permanent sponsors. Please contact Elaine regarding sponsorship approaches and also commission related work. Contact: Elaine. Address: Top Floor Flat, 15 Apsley Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2SH. Tel.: 07764894428. E-mail:
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The Federation of British Artists is long-established and the umbrella organisation for nine of the country's leading art societies: Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours; Royal Society of British Artists; Royal Society of Marine Artists; Royal Society of Portrait Painters; Royal Institute of Oil Painters; New English Art Club; Pastel Society; Society of Wildlife Artists; and Hesketh Hubbard Art Society. Each of these hold annual exhibitions and events for members and non-members at the Mall Galleries, located on The Mall, London. The organisation is a registered charity and is constantly looking for new sponsorship or new prize givers to develop these exhibitions further. Contact: Sponsorship Department. Address: Mall Galleries, 17 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5BD. Tel.: 020-7930-6844. Fax: 020-7839-7830. E-mail:
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Current opportunity

Support the FBA/Mall Galleries Education Department by:

    sponsoring its creative art programmes that are offered free of charge to diverse audiences
    helping it to raise money in order to create a Learning Centre at the Mall Galleries
    becoming community ambassadors for its learning initiatives.

Contact: Elli Koumousi. Tel.: 0207 968 0965. E-mail: ellikoumousi@mallgalleries.com


The Fruitmarket Gallery - world class contemporary art in the heart of Edinburgh. The Fruitmarket Gallery has a changing programme of inspirational and challenging exhibitions of Scottish and international art. The gallery is admission free and accessible, with a successful education and events programme, popular café and contemporary culture bookshop. Year-long opportunities are available for involvement with the gallery and its programme through Corporate Membership. The gallery also offers project specific sponsorships and opportunities to support artists through its commissioning and exhibitions programme, as well as community involvement opportunities through its innovative education and outreach programme. It has a track record of managing high profile sponsorships and, as a small and professional team, a flexible and light-footed approach. The Fruitmarket Gallery is a not-for profit organisation and a Scottish registered charity (Sc005576). Contact: Armida Taylor, Development Manager. Address: 45 Market Street, Edinburgh EH1 1DF. Tel.: 0131 226 8185. Fax: 0131 220 3130. E-mail: development@fruitmarket.co.uk
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Contact: Lindsay Mitchell, Social Inclusion Project Coordinator. Address: St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art, 2 Castle Street, Glasgow G4 0RH. Tel.: 0141 553 2557. Fax: 0141 552 4744. E-mail: lindsay.mitchell@cls.glasgow.gov.uk

This is an opportunity for involvement in an original and creative Yorkshire-based project combining sport and art, which targets the active 50+ age group and cricket enthusiasts of all ages. Its values and messages are about passion, tradition and active lifestyles. With founder partners Yorkshire County Cricket Club and BBC Yorkshire, Runs On The Board and The Grey Fox Trophy potentially have a repeat audience in excess of 500,000. The partnership offers association with tangible staff, as well as corporate and public engagement opportunities, with the profile of a well regarded, well run project. It could be extended beyond its regional base to become a national and international project. The Grey Fox Trophy is a 30 overs cricket competition for Yorkshire's over 50s teams. The final of the competition is played at Headingley, the Test Match ground in Leeds. The Grey Fox Trophy is in its second year and the pilot proved so successful that Yorkshire County Cricket Club and imove - the 2012 Olympic Games Cultural Programme for Yorkshire - decided that it should become an annual event. The Grey Fox Trophy cricket competition is accompanied by a sister project, Runs on the Board - an artists' celebration of over 50s cricketers. Contact: Graham Roberts, Project Director. Address: 11 Dovecote Lane, Horbury WF4 6BG. Tel.: 01924 374293. E-mail:
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Ilkeston School and Specialist Arts College is an oversubscribed, highly successful secondary school in a socially deprived area. Part of the school - a Georgian grade 2 listed building - is being developed into a community multimedia art gallery. The school needs a further £100,000 to complete the project. So far a 'planning for real' survey has been completed and 95% of the local and wider community can see the benefit of the gallery. Lots of local businesses have pledged small donations - but the college is still in need of extra funding. When completed, the new facility will be able to host touring exhibitions from major galleries and will be open both to the public and to anyone at the school. It will be the only gallery of its type in the East Midland area. Sponsorship support is now being sought. Contact: Mrs K. Le Provost, Community Art Officer. Address: Ilkeston School, King George Avenue, Ilkeston DE7 5HS. Tel.: 0115 9303724. Fax: 0115 9441315. E-mail: kate.leprevost@ilkeston.derbyshire.sch.uk.
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Illuminate Productions boasts a reputation for producing dynamic, original, innovative exhibitions. They were founded in 2004 as a not-for-profit curatorial organisation to provide a platform for artists. Using natural phenomena as a central theme, covering a wide variety of artistic mediums, Illuminate Productions opens up London's lost buildings and areas of regeneration, enabling artists to work in unusual and challenging contexts. The artists involved are both emerging British artists and established international artists. The organisation creates an exciting art experience that opens the way for discussion and fresh debate about contemporary art. Each exhibition carries a flexible programme of benefits which can be tailored to match the sponsor's specific requirements. Contact: Tessa McArthur, Production Manager. Address: Floor 2, 26 Marshalsea Road, London SE1 1HF. Tel.: 0207 357 9003. E-mail: tessa@illuminateproductions.co.uk
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The ICA programme incorporates all aspects of visual art - design, digital art, photography - as well as theatre, live music, education, networking events, club nights and talks, managing not only to uphold distinctive identities for each genre but also reflecting the multi-disciplinary sensibility which characterises the organisation. There are many opportunities for corporate partners to support the ICA through sponsorship, from one-off events and bespoke projects, through to partnership on major exhibitions. The ICA prides itself on working very closely with its partners, tailoring packages to meet their objectives and budget. Contact: Development Manager – Corporates & Individuals. Address: The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH. Tel.: +44 (0) 20 7766 1416. E-mail: lucy.attwood@ica.org.uk
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Sponsorship of the ICA provides opportunities for companies to:

     Align themselves with London's most cutting edge and diverse arts institution
     Access artists and the ICA's creative networks
     Access a diverse target market
     Support a renowned cultural institution thereby receiving substantial exposure and acknowledgement
     Market their brand with targeted publicity and press campaigns including national and international press
     Make use of the ICA building in unique ways
     Entertain clients and employees
     Evaluate projects


The Institute of International Visual Arts is Britain's only specialist national visual arts organisation which supports and promotes artists from diverse cultural backgrounds. It has a special interest in new technologies, commissioning site-specific artworks and international collaborations. The organisation welcomes the opportunity to work with like-minded organisations across its innovative programme of exhibitions, publications, research and educational ventures. Contact: Antonia Carver, Development Manager. Address: inIVA, 6-8 Standard Place, Rivington Street, London EC2A 3BE. Tel.: (+44)-020-7729-9616. Fax: (+44)-020-7729-9509. E-mail: acarver@iniva.org.
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Talented artist Isobel Smith seeks backing to study at the Royal College of Art. Well known for her ground-breaking performances for adults, Isobel Smith is destined for success. Her work crosses genres of sculpture/installation and puppetry. Creatively brave, she is committed and passionate about playing her part in shaping the direction of British performance art. She needs your help to fulfil this ambition. She is presently looking for sponsorship to cover her fees and travel. Isobel has secured a 30% bursary from the Royal College of Art and is now seeking to raise the rest of the funding herself. She needs £16,000 to cover the next two years' college fees and travel costs. Isobel was over the moon to be awarded a place to study for an MA Sculpture/Performance at the Royal College of Art and is determined not to let financial concerns get in the way of this life-changing opportunity. Your sponsorship would relieve the financial burden and allow her to focus fully on her studies. "I'm perhaps not the usual candidate", says Isobel. "As a 48 year old mother of two, I may have more responsibilities than other students but I also have rich life experience to draw on. My commitment to art has been thoroughly tried and tested and now I'm ready fly!" Contact: Isobel Smith. Address: 2 Newhouse Farm Cottages, Firle, Lewes BN8 6ND. Tel.: 07904 208135. Fax no.: 01273 858336. E-mail:
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    Connection to cutting-edge artistic practice and ideas.
    Invite to shows at prestigious Royal College of Art.
    Invites to all Isobel Smith's events.
    A set of signed prints of the images that helped get her a place at RCA, dedicated to you.
    Regular progress reports to let you know how your help is making an impact.
    Sponsor to be mentioned in social media - Twitter and Facebook.
    Isobel Smith will make you a beautiful bespoke puppet!



The Art Gallery and Museum, Kelvingrove boasts a position as the most visited museum in Britain outside London, attracting over a million visitors every year and rated by Glasgow people as their favourite building. It houses internationally important collections of art, particularly strong in works by 17th century Dutch, 19th century French and late 19th and early 20th century Scottish artists. It also houses nationally important collections of arms and armour, natural history, anthropology and archaeology. They would welcome contact from potential supporters to develop long-term relationships and identify appropriate elements for them to support. Contact: Alan Horn, Director. Address: Art Gallery & Museum Kelvingrove, Glasgow G3 8AG. Tel.: 0141 287 2604. Fax: 0141 287 2690. E-mail: alan.horn@cls.glasgow.gov.uk


The London Cultureseekers Group is a London-based history and culture social group. "We have over 8,300 members in and around London and are looking for sponsors who wish to reach them. You can either have an ad. on our website (see link below) or you can feature in our monthly online magazine which goes out to the membership - or we can promote you at one of the 70+ events that we organise every year. Members' interests are: museums, art galleries, theatre, history, London, travelling, reading and learning". Contact: Robert Coleman, Organiser. Address: 111 Greenslade Road, Barking IG11 9XF. Tel.: 07905 901 834. E-mail:
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Membership demographics

60% Women, 40% Men
Average age of members: 45
90% based in London, 10% in surrounding counties
50% British, 50% overseas students or workers
60% single


This is an opportunity to sponsor a permanent seaside look-out point for the public in Margate, Kent. The sponsorship will reach a wide range of people: UK seaside holiday visitors, contemporary art gallery visitors and local people of all ages in Kent. Margate is a seaside town undergoing huge regeneration, including the Margate Harbour Arm project (www.margateharbourarm.co.uk) which has turned a derelict pier into a new attraction with high quality offerings. So far there is an art gallery, artists' studios, a cafe, an ice cream shop, a gift and jewellery shop and, hopefully very soon, a fish restaurant and two more retail units. Margate Harbour Arm is located directly next to the site of the Turner Contemporary Gallery. The location has panoramic sea views, and the proposed project aims to connect the public with the marine environment. The aim is to create a look-out point at the end of the Harbour Arm which makes the most of the location and the experience of being surrounded by sea. Information panels will be created but they will not just be the usual photo-and-info. They will be high quality in terms of content, appearance and construction, to complement the Harbour Arm project and to sit comfortably alongside the regeneration and artistic environment being created in Margate. It is anticipated that a local artist/cartoonist will be involved to make them something special. Local naturalists and teachers will also be involved to focus on the important facts, in a way which is accessible to both adults and children. Given the location, the durability of the structures is going to be very important and options have been discussed with an engineer and structural glass expert. Ideally it will also be possible to provide a platform with binoculars. One sponsor is sought. Contact: Dr Fiona Sherriff. Address: 1 Beach Houses, Royal Crescent, Margate CT9 5AL. Tel.: 07968 209047. Fax: 01843 292375. E-mail: info@margateharbourarm.co.uk.
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The National Portrait Gallery offers a range of exhibition sponsorship opportunities. Sponsorship options are listed below. Sponsors enjoy PR and marketing benefits, superb corporate entertaining, promotional opportunities, branding and employee benefits. Contact: Senior Development Manager. Address: National Portrait Gallery, St. Martin's Place, London WC2H 0HE. Tel.: 0207 312 2424 (direct). Fax: 0207 306 0058. E-mail: jchambers@npg.org.uk
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Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art offers a range of sponsorship opportunities connected to the diverse programme of contemporary art in both the Main Gallery and Project Space. Housed in Sunderland’s City Library and Arts Centre, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art boasts one of the largest and most versatile spaces in the north of England, as well as an extensive and loyal database of friends. Contact: Alistair Robinson, Programme Director. Address: Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, City Library and Arts Centre, Fawcett Street, Sunderland SR1 1RE. Tel.: 0191 514 8478. Fax: 0191 514 8444. E-mail: alistair.robinson@sunderland.gov.uk
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Smallzone Events is offering sponsorship opportunities connected with its educational and recreational event ICE - Britain's Coolest Comics Convention. "This is an international comic industry conference and is part of The International Comic Industry Conference 2015. The event is held in Birmingham city centre and starts on Saturday, 5th September, with a recreational convention for the fans. It features appearances from famous comic artists and writers from properties such as The Walking Dead, Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman, Doctor Who and Judge Dredd. Around 1,500 fans are expected to attend this year, although any sponsorship funding would primarily be spent on advertising and marketing to increase awareness of the event and our brand. We are currently supported by Arts Council England, as well as various publishers within the comic industry. The conference concludes on Sunday, 6th September, with a professional industry conference featuring fourteen educational events hosted by some of the biggest names in comics, including Dave Gibbons, Charlie Adlard and Eric Stephenson, publisher of Image Comics. We will be happy to create bespoke sponsorship packages to suit all budgets. This can include your logo on printed advertising and marketing, as well as a prominent placement on our main website and in all press releases. We can also offer free entry to your employees and/or discounted VIP access to the events. By sponsoring this event you will be supporting the British comic industry and helping to inspire creativity and diversity within the medium of comic art". Contact: Shane Chebsey. Address: 11 Glendower Court, Falstaff Street SY1 2RG. Tel.: 07843443340. E-mail:
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Ongoing (annual event)
Sofie Day is an experienced Body Piercer, wishing to expand her Body Modification skills. "I need to attend workshops by true masters in the body modification industry. But I am held back by a great lack of funds. Each course costs £500.00, not including expenses. Naturally I would be delighted to provide potential sponsors with more details about body modification and how such a partnership could be beneficial to both parties. This is an unusual proposition with an appeal to those interested in putting their ££ into a bizarre - yet hugely rewarding - venture". Contact: Sofie Day. Address: 15 Carlton Road, N11 3EX. Tel.: 07764 683195. E-mail:
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The South London Gallery is a nationally and internationally recognised centre of excellence in the provision of contemporary visual art exhibitions and live art events, with integrated education and outreach programmes. The SLG opened in 1981 with the aim of bringing art to the working people of South London. It has continued to do so ever since, with particular success in the past decade when the emphasis has been on showing challenging new work by emerging and established British and international artists. Other strands in the programme broaden the core audiences' experience and understanding of contemporary art, and involve new audiences in the gallery's activities. The Live Art programme has a strong reputation and dedicated following from a special interest audience, whereas off-site projects, such as On Kawaras Reading One Million Years in Trafalgar Square, or Chris Burden's The Flying Steamroller at Chelsea College Parade Ground, present contemporary art in a range of contexts with the aim of involving new audiences. The SLG's Education and Outreach programmes are integral to all the gallery's activities and tend to focus on schools, colleges and various local community groups. This is an exciting time of change for the SLG as they embark on Phase 2 of an ambitious building project, expanding the gallery into the neighbouring three-storey terraced house to provide three small scale exhibition spaces, a flat for a programme of artists' residencies, a street facing cafe, outdoor project spaces, gardens and a state of the art education studio. The SLG relies on generating funds from both the public and private sectors to continue its challenging programme of exhibitions, education and live art. Sponsorship of individual exhibitions is offered in exchange for a number of benefits. Contact: Isabelle Hancock. Address: 65 Peckham Road, London SE5 8UH. Tel.: 020 7703 6120. Fax: 020 7252 4730. E-mail: isabelle@southlondongallery.org.
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The Talbot Rice Gallery is one of Edinburgh's most prestigious exhibition spaces. Housed in a fine neo-classical building in the centre of the city, the gallery consists of three spaces. The Georgian or "red" room houses the permanent collection of Old Master paintings and bronzes, the Torrie Collection. The Hope Scott Collection, on show at regular intervals, features works by Picasso, Bonnard and other international figures. The "White Gallery" shows seven temporary exhibitions each year. The "Round Room" is a unique architectural space which links the white and red galleries on the upper level. Throughout the year this space will show small exhibition and experimental projects. The gallery promotes contemporary art and supports emerging artists and has a commitment to showing work by Scottish and international artists. There are a number of sponsorship opportunities on offer at the gallery. Contact: Valerie Fiddes, Administrator. Address: Talbot Rice Gallery, The University of Edinburgh, Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh EH8 9YL. Tel.: 0131 650 2211. Fax: 0131 650 2213. E-mail: valerie.fiddes@ed.ac.uk
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     AA/0033    TATE
Tate is the world's leading art brand, and offers a range of sponsorship opportunities across all four of its galleries, Tate Britain, Tate Modern, Tate Liverpool and Tate St. Ives. Tate Britain on Millbank in Pimlico holds the greatest collection of British art in the world and the highly praised Centenary Development in 2001 created additional display space and improved visitor facilities. The permanent collection includes Turner (the largest collection in the world), Hogarth, Stubbs, Blake, the Pre-Raphaelites, Bacon, Spencer and Moore, as well as contemporary British work including the annual Turner Prize. Tate Modern in the transformed Bankside Power Station opposite St. Paul's, is Britain's first national museum of modern art and the most popular modern art museum in the world. The permanent collection includes international artists such as Picasso, Dali and Warhol as well as housing works by leading contemporary artists. Companies ranging from small businesses to multi-national corporations have sponsored award-winning projects at Tate, which has three Corporate Membership Programmes as well as the opportunity of Exhibition Sponsorship. Benefits include branding and marketing, promotional opportunities, employee benefits and sought-after venues for entertaining ranging from traditional to contemporary and intimate to impressively large-scale. Tate previews and events have a real cachet and as they are attended by more MP's than any other London gallery (according to recent MEW research) can offer excellent networking opportunities. Sponsorship with Tate offers affiliation with a fresh, innovative, dynamic and sophisticated brand, and Tate is keen to work in close partnership with sponsors in order to meet their agreed aims and objectives. Contact | Tate Modern and Tate Britain - tel.: +44 (0)20 7887 8745; e-mail: corporate.enquiries@tate.org.uk; Tate Liverpool - tel.: +44 (0)151 702 7433 ; e-mail: corporate.enquiries@tate.org.uk; Tate St Ives - tel.: +44 (0)1736 792 182; e-mail: corporate.enquiries@tate.org.uk
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Tenby Arts Festival is an annual event offering a diverse programme of music, dance, drama, poetry, art and talks featuring local, national and international artistes. It opens with a weekend of family entertainment launched by a grand parade through the streets of the town prior to the main cultural repast spread over eight days in late September. In previous years, performers have included Julian Lloyd Webber, Evelyn Glennie, Luminita Berariu, The King's Consort, Katherine Jenkins, Kerstin Doelle, Noriko Ogawa and a host of others. The 2014 Festival will be held between 20th and 27th September. Tenby is a beautiful, medieval, coastal resort in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. The Festival is a registered charity and, following the loss of Arts Council funding, is heavily dependent on sponsorship to maintain this important event for visitors and local residents in an area deprived of access to the arts. Contact: Diana Lunn, Secretary. Address: 24 Penally Heights, Penally, Tenby, Pembrokeshire SA70 7TH. Tel.: 01834 845341. E-mail:
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The £1.3m gallery extension to the University Gallery at the University of Northumbria was designed by Carey Jones Architects and now requires additional sponsorship to the extent of £500,000. New facilities include increased exhibition space, from 2,500 to 10,000 square feet of floor space and improved temporary exhibition galleries and galleries for the Permanent Collection. The new wing includes a restaurant, bookshop and corporate facilities, as well as access to all other facilities. The University Gallery was founded in 1977 and has achieved international status through its temporary and touring exhibition programme. It has established major links with Norway, Germany, Finland, Poland, America, Japan and, more recently, Italy. The Gallery also has strong links with the local community and its policy is to exhibit work by artists of national and international status, as well as promising, less established, artists. Contact: Mara Helen-Wood, Director. Address: University Gallery, University of Northumbria, Sandyford Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8ST. Tel.: 0191-227-4424. Fax: 0191-227-4718.


The V&A boasts a position as the greatest museum of art and design in the world, with inspirational collections of fabulous scope and diversity. The museum presents a varied calendar of exhibitions, events and annual programmes every year that offer a range of opportunities for corporate involvement. Benefits of sponsorship include integrated press and marketing campaigns, corporate hospitality opportunities, privileged access for staff and clients and much more. The V&A\'s Corporate Partnerships team is delighted to work with sponsors to create unique and mutually beneficial collaborations. Contact: Joanna Hanna-Grindall, Corporate Partnerships Officer. Address: Cromwell Road, South Kensington, London SW7 2RL. Tel.: 020 7942 2781 Fax: 0207-942-2150. E-mail: j.hannagrindall@vam.ac.uk.
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The Whitechapel Art Gallery was founded in 1901 'to bring great art of the world to the people of East London'. The Gallery is internationally acclaimed for its exhibitions of modern and contemporary art and its pioneering education, community and public events programmes. The Whitechapel is embarking on the most exciting phase of its history. In 2009 it re-opened after a £10.5 million expansion incorporating the former Whitechapel Library. The Gallery's expansion has doubled gallery space and tripled the capacity for work with local schools and communities in state of the art premises. The expanded Gallery is providing year-round, late-night opening, enhanced visitor services and a street-level café-bar. The area around the Gallery has been undergoing an unprecedented phase of social and commercial regeneration. Information about sponsorship opportunities is available on request. Contact: Katherine Hart, Development Officer. Address: 80-82 Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX. Tel.: (44) 0 207 522 7888. Fax: (44) 0 207 522 7887. E-mail: supporters@whitechapel.org.
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The Whitworth Art Gallery offers companies the opportunity to sponsor all aspects of its work, including exhibitions and private views, learning and interpretation projects for schools, projects for young people, capital projects, conservation and the purchase of artworks. Contact: Jo Beggs, Head of Development and Resources. Address: Oxford Road, Manchester M15 6ER. Tel.: 0161-275-7474. E-mail: jo.beggs@manchester.ac.uk
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Current opportunities
Examples of projects for which the Whitworth is currently seeking sponsorship:

Exhibition Sponsorship
The Whitworth has a wide range of exhibitions which offer fantastic bespoke branding and corporate entertainment opportunities. Exhibitions appeal to a wide range of audiences who can be specifically targeted and vary in size, so that sponsorship packages can suit all businesses.

Learning and interpretation programme
The Whitworth has ongoing sponsorship opportunities for businesses of all sizes to support innovative and exciting education projects for all ages. We are currently seeking sponsorship for ongoing work with schools, post-16 learners, families and young people outside school hours.

Capital Development
Over the next few years, the Gallery will be undertaking a capital development which will open up the gallery to Whitworth Park and its local communities. Including a new study centre, storage for collections and learning facilities, this will create a gallery for the twenty-first century. "Be part of this exciting project!"



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