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3rd January, 2014

Pole position assured for sponsors of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Centenary Expedition 2014

The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Centenary Expedition 2014 (ITACE 2014) is a unique, historical expedition to the harshest environment on this planet.

In November 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton assembled twenty-seven men for the most audacious expedition ever attempted in Antarctic history: to traverse the entire continent, from sea to sea, via the South Pole.

The expedition ground to a halt when their ship, Endurance, was held in the vice-like grip of the ice of the Weddell Sea until she was crushed and sank. It was three years of superb leadership of a team of the hardiest individuals that led to not a single life being lost and the crew of Endurance being saved.

But what of the crossing of Antarctica? Shackleton did not manage to claim the prize. He never led another expedition to Antarctica and died having not realised his ultimate goal. The route he meticulously planned has become a part of history. Gathering dust, along with the faded photographs of the men who were willing to sacrifice everything. November 2014 will not only see the centenary of this great expedition, but a new team will attempt the same route which Shackleton drew with his own hand.

Although there have been other traverses of Antarctica, Shackleton's route has never been completed. ITACE 2014 is the only team to have the backing of Great Britain's Prime Minister, David Cameron, and Sir Ernest Shackleton's granddaughter, The Honourable Alexandra Shackleton.

The ITACE 2014 team will be the first to complete the route and will ski over 2500km dragging 90kg of provisions on sledges through the most inhospitable conditions in the world. They will endure temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius and winds of up to 150km per hour. All this, a race against time before the darkness of the Antarctic winter sets in, giving them a maximum of one hundred days to complete the journey.

"Where do you fit in? As a partner you will be investing in a unique historical event. By supporting ITACE 2014 you will be supporting awareness of a pristine and fragile environment, be part of an education outreach programme and investing in an epic adventure which will show how humans can endure and overcome the toughest conditions on our planet.

"ITACE 2014 will work to create brand awareness for your company and can offer exclusive 'money can't buy' corporate opportunities.

"We also welcome personal donations of a philanthropic nature. With your help we will finally be able to complete the journey that Shackleton and his team started 100 years ago. Only this time the outcome will be different. The team: Jo Davies, World Record Holder and adventurer; Zac Poulton, Everest guide and ultra-runner; Stewart Stirling, Long distance trekker and ultra runner; Ian Prickett, Antarctic veteran".


Contact: Stewart Stirling, Partnership Manager & Team Member

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